We’re saying goodbye to our cupcakes

We’re saying goodbye to our cupcakes

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At Ignite, we have always prioritised maintaining a great relationship with our clients. We work together as a team and insist on good communication and that our clients are involved with the process of growing their clinic.

In fact, we will only work with clinics and practices that are willing to put in the work and contribute to their own growth.
One of the ways we’ve shown just how special our clients are to us is to send them a gift of gratitude not only for choosing to work with us but also for working with us as a team – an essential part of getting the results they want.

How have we done this?

We know the best way to a clinic’s heart is through their stomach! So, we’ve been sending out delicious cupcakes to our clients hosting Open Days. Shout out to Rachel’s Kitchen for the incredible cupcakes that everyone has enjoyed so much!

cupcakes Each clinic and practice has got a box of mouth-watering cakes for every Open Day they’ve hosted, and with some clinics hosting open days several times a year, they’ve had a steady stream.

And, they’ve gone down a storm. So, we are sad to say goodbye to this tradition we’ve created at Ignite, but it’s all for a very good cause, we promise!

With the £7290 we’ve spent so far on cupcakes, we could do a world of good. That’s why, from now on, we’ve decided to donate this towards a charity for each open day our clients do.

Our charity of choice is the wonderful Wells on Wheels, and so far, the reaction your response to this been great!

Wells on Wheels

wells on wheels charityWells on Wheels is a charity which was started to make access to water easier for those living in rural India. Those who collect water tend to be women and some children.

They may have to walk one to two miles per day and carry the water in containers balanced on their heads. All this can happen during soaring temperatures. This can have huge mental and physical impacts on them – all for a basic resource which is internationally recognised as a human right.

Wells on Wheels creates and distributes water wheels. Based on the standard water cooler bottle, these large plastic containers can hold five times more water than a bucket and can be wheeled. This takes a huge strain off those collecting the water.

wells on wheels india
They are donated free of charge to families in need – Wells on Wheels is 100% non-profit.

Ignite’s collaboration with Wells on Wheels

Ignite growth messengerDerek, Ignite’s CEO, decided that with all that money we’ve been spending on cupcakes, we could be making a difference in the world.

Each wheel costs £28, and our commitment is that with every Open Day that one of our clients holds, we’ll donate one wheel on their behalf.

certificate ignite growth wells on wheelsOur clients will receive a certificate to show the donation that has been made in their name, while Wells on Wheels will be able to send another wheel to another deserving family, making such a vital resource easily accessible to them.

As a clinic owner, you’ll be able to proudly display your certificate, knowing that working with Ignite has resulted in a positive contribution to a fantastic non-profit.

Commitment to a better future

In the future, at Ignite, we want to continue making a difference, however big or small. So, watch this space to see what we’ve got up our sleeve.

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