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Get High Quality Leads from Instagram Advertising with Ignite Growth, Your Healthcare Growth Agency

With 2 billion accounts, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there. We can help your practice take advantage and leverage great returns from Instagram Ads. We are with you every step of the way and are committed to making your success our priority!

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" The support you get from the Ignite team is brilliant,
I can’t fault it!
They’re at the end of the email or phone anytime you need some help. "

Want to know how we’ve helped other ambitious practices through bespoke dental marketing? See what’s possible here in our success stories.

Instagram Advertising Services with Ignite Growth

It isn’t a secret that Instagram is one of the most frequently used mobile apps, in fact, it has over 28 million monthly users in the UK. 

Ignite Growth has run hundreds of healthcare marketing campaigns and generated millions of pounds in treatment uptake from new patients on the platform. With all this experience, we know how to create effective campaigns. 

If you want to achieve sustainable growth you must not be over-reliant on one single advertising platform. You will also need a combination of digital marketing services. Instagram ads have a significant role to play as one of those strategies.

When you sign up with Ignite, you get a personalised service and training for your frontline staff on how to speak to leads depending on where they are in the buying process.

Your dedicated Account Manager and Campaign Manager will work with you closely to achieve your marketing goals and will closely monitor your Instagram advertising.

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To find out more about our Instagram Advertising Services give us a call, send us an email, or book a 20-minutes chat.
Specialised Healthcare Facebook Advertising Agency

Specialised Healthcare Growth Agency

Here at Ignite Growth, we work exclusively with healthcare businesses, and we only take on clients if we can genuinely help them to generate more leads. We understand your patients and your clinic inside out and we are dedicated to your success.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

When you join Ignite Growth, you’ll benefit from of a dedicated Account Manager, who’ll be your single point of contact. This keeps communication efficient and super focused so we can concentrate 100% on delivering the results you’re after and give you a great client experience along the way!

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Campaign Manager

When joining, you’ll also get a dedicated Campaign Manager who will monitor your Instagram Advertising campaigns thoroughly. This Campaign Manager is your personal technical expert who will track and optimise your campaign to get you the best possible results. 


Exclusivity in your area

We offer our clients exclusivity in the area where the healthcare practice is located. The size of the area is determined mostly by the population density in your area and what we would need in order to deliver a successful campaign. We will not be taking on any other competitors in the area established at the beginning of the campaign.


Training for your staff

Training for your staff

We’ll give your frontline staff the training they need to recognise where leads are in the buying process and understand what they need at that stage to help them move forward. The quality of the training we provide is one of the things that sets us apart and is incredibly valuable in getting the best return on your digital marketing investment.

Results driven Facebook Advertising Service

Results-driven Services

Ignite is a results-driven Growth Agency. That means we hold ourselves accountable by being transparent, using detailed data analysis, setting exciting but achievable goals, meeting objectives, and delivering results. It’s how our paid advertising campaigns have generated over £10 million in new treatment revenue for the healthcare practices we’ve worked with. Read our Success Stories to find out how we have helped other healthcare businesses grow.

Healthcare Marketing Success Stories

Achieving a £30K ROI from one open day campaign for the Emerald Laser Device™

• 145 leads for one campaign
• 35 deposits paid before attending
• £29,600 return on investment

Case study: generating over £1 million in dental implant revenue for one business

• 100 monthly leads
• £1.03 million in revenue
• 42 new implant patients per year

Increasing new dental implant patients for a specialised practice: A case study

• £18,000 in revenue for implant patients
• The campaign generated 47 leads
• ROI of +£17,000
• Waiting for confirmation for one full arch patient worth £30,000

What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram Advertising is a way for businesses to advertise online, reach their target audience, and drive engagement with targeted messages.

These are paid ads that businesses place on Instagram and are available in a variety of formats.

As opposed to other forms of advertising, Instagram offers the possibility to show off your creative side through images, videos, and other visual content. It is also a brilliant way to show off the results of your transformational treatments with before and after images.

Does Instagram Advertising work?

Instagram has around 2 billion users worldwide and 28 million in the UK. The appeal of Instagram ads doesn’t stop at the fact that it is one of the top 4 social networks worldwide.

According to Instagram, 2 in 3 people surveyed say that Instagram enables interaction with brands, and 50% are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on the platform.

Instagram ads definitely work and the opportunity to make a real impact in your clinic is there; however, this doesn’t mean that if you start advertising tomorrow, especially without knowing the ins and outs, leads will be pouring in.

There are many different details that need to be considered, from the type of ad to the images or video you use and all the way to the targeting options. Get the details wrong and you could potentially burn your budget.

Is Instagram Advertising expensive?

You can run Instagram Ads on any budget. It is really up to you what your healthcare marketing goals are and what your advertising budget is.

Ads are bought on an auction bidding system which will ultimately dictate the price. Once your ad has been built and set live it enters an auction and Instagram determines which advert is the most valuable for its users selecting a winner on that basis. As the winner, your ad is placed in the space you were competing for, and you get charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Your ads then remain live until the budget runs out.

Why is Instagram important for your clinic?

The Growth of Instagram is essential for healthcare businesses because it’s a popular and positive environment that allows you to share photos and videos of the transformations you deliver. This is an excellent platform for any clinic that offers transformational treatments as it allows you to display those amazing results.

This helps patients feel more trust and a deeper connection with you, your team, and your clinic.

Instagram is a visual platform!

If your treatments help improve a person’s appearance, then you’re in luck because you’re going to be a good fit with Instagram!

Instagram is full of very image-conscious people who want to show their ‘best selves’.

That’s why posts about ‘visual’ treatments like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, facial aesthetics, hair restoration etc., work so well.

When you fully embrace the Instagram App, you’ll find it’s a natural and non-pushy way to keep your healthcare practice top of mind, and people can also direct message you if they’re interested in what your post is about.

Instagram is a visual platform!

If your treatments help improve a person’s appearance, you’re in luck because you’re going to be a good fit with Instagram!

Instagram is full of very image-conscious people who want to show their best selves.

That’s why posts about visual treatments like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, facial aesthetics, hair restoration etc., work so well.

When you fully embrace the Instagram App, you’ll find it’s a natural and non-pushy way to keep your healthcare practice at the top of potential customers’ minds. These people can also direct message you if they’re interested in one of your posts.

6 Ways That Instagram Ads Can Help Your Clinic Grow

Instagram has many benefits for healthcare businesses but organic reach is becoming more and more limited. There’s no getting around it – if you want to grow your healthcare practice through increased treatment uptake, you’ll need paid advertising to reach the most people. Luckily Instagram is a relatively inexpensive place to do exactly that.

Here’s how Instagram ads can help.

#1 Connect with existing patients

It’s not all about attracting new patients, it’s about connecting and strengthening relationships with existing patients, too, by:

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#2 Reach new patients

If you want new patients, Instagram ads help you stand
out among a sea of businesses advertising only on Facebook, boosting your exposure. Instagram is less competitive than Facebook, so Instagram ads are an excellent way to get in front of potential new patients
who would not see your ad on Facebook.

#3 Drive targeted traffic to your website

Instagram ads allow you to focus your audience based on location, age, gender, and Instagram activity—like which Instagram accounts they follow or the types of photos they post. That means you can connect more effectively with users who are more likely to be interested in the treatments you offer.

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#4 Build ‘brand’ and treatment awareness

You need to think of your healthcare practice as a ‘brand’.

If you have new treatments or services you want to
share, then Instagram is a great place to do that.
Showing off your staff, facilities, and the results your treatment deliver are great ways to raise awareness for your brand too.

#5 Generate leads

If you’re a healthcare business, then you’re a *local* business too. Instagram is the perfect place for local businesses to reach people interested in your treatments
who live near your location. We collect the details of new leads who register interest in your offers so that you can follow up with them to become new patients.

#6 Get measurable results that fuel Growth

What gets measured gets improved. Instagram provides in-depth campaign reporting so we can measure your results.

Every healthcare practice is unique, so we always factor in your local demographic, population size and competition when analysing your results so we can fully optimise your campaigns.

Here Are The 4 Top Reasons Why Working With A Facebook Advertising Agency Can Help Your Business Grow.

Should you Hire a Growth Agency to run your Instagram Ads?

If you’ve tried and succeeded in running Instagram ads, you can measure the results and keep up with the forever changing algorithms with time to run an efficient practice; congrats! You’re doing great!

However, if you think you would struggle with any one of these, it is probably best to hire the professionals who are dedicated to growing your clinic. Book a 20-minutes chat and find out how we can help you take your clinic to the next level.

Here Are The 4 Top Reasons Why Working With A Growth Agency Can Help Your Clinic

Saves valuable time

#1 Saves valuable time

It is safe to say that if you are running a business finding additional time to create, manage and optimise Instagram advertising campaigns as well as keeping on top of all the changes is probably close to impossible. Running a successful Instagram campaign requires substantial amount of time and effort. Your focus and time should go into your business and the things you enjoy doing. A growth agency can help take that pressure off.

#2 Can save you money

When factoring in hiring costs, training costs and your time hiring an agency is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee.

When working with a growth agency, you get a full team of specialists that work on your campaigns and are trained on how to get the best results on a variety of platforms and to spot possible issues.

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#3 Skills, experience, and expertise

Growth agencies always stay on top of trends and have the ability and resources to ensure that staff are trained and up to date with the latest in marketing.

Hiring an agency gives you access to a whole team of marketers with various advertising skillsets

Quick results

#4 Quick results

A growth agency relieves you of the stress of understanding a platform, getting up to speed with how advertising works on the chosen platform and trying to figure out all the ins and outs. Without having to invest all that time and effort the results will be faster. Agencies already have the know-how, and if they are specialised in your niche, it’s an added bonus as they understand your clinic and customers inside out.


Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular mobile social channels and using both lets you scale campaigns and reach more of your ideal new patients quickly. According to Facebook, campaigns that run across both Facebook and Instagram also have the potential for better performance compared to those that run on just one platform. That's because Instagram and Facebook users are different demographics, making them *complementary* platforms for advertising. You can reach other people in the environment that they're most engaged in - all within one campaign.

We've run many hundreds of campaigns, and the data tells us that healthcare practices should create the content for their social media presence, which goes for Instagram ads. That's because the best content is *authentic* content. That means pictures and videos captured as a part of your daily activities in your healthcare practice. Your team are best placed to capture those spontaneous moments as and when they happen!

When working with an agency, you want transparency and accountability. At Ignite they’re ingrained in everything we do. Your Ignite Campaign Manager works tirelessly to constantly track, measure, and optimise your Instagram ad campaigns. You'll never be left feeling kept in the dark because your Account Manager will have regular update calls with you to keep you fully informed about


- how your campaigns are performing


- any refinements needed for your follow up process


- what we're doing to maximise your return on your investment in advertising


We know what metrics to watch and exactly what levers to pull to bring campaigns into line.

We don’t ask for 12-month contracts.

We do ask for a 6-month commitment, that’s because it takes time to gather data from your campaigns and then refine and optimise them to get you the best return on your investment.

To find out more about our InstagramAdvertising Services give us a call, send us an email, or book a 20-minutes chat.

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