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Our Healthcare Growth Agency can help you grow your aesthetic, dental or medical clinic using tailored advertising campaigns and marketing strategies

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"Our marketing just wasn’t working"

Sound familiar?

Then this is for you!

Accelerate growth and attract more high-value patients for your aesthetic, dental, or medical clinic with our tailored digital marketing services.

We Take The Guesswork

Out Of Marketing

Our campaigns have generated over £10 million in new treatment revenue, because they meet our critical 4-point healthcare marketing criteria:

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All our strategies have been tried, tested and proven to work. With over £10 million in revenue generated by our campaigns, we know how to get results from your marketing.

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We’re all about the data - no guesswork. So you’ll know the exact cost per enquiry, per consultation and per treated patient.

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You can’t rely on word of mouth and referrals if you want to grow. They’re unpredictable.You need reliable, replicable healthcare marketing that brings in leads month after month.

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Want to grow your clinic and increase your patient base? No problem. Our digital marketing services are designed to help you grow.

Clinic Types Our Growth Agency Works With

New clinics

Have you just opened up the doors to your clinic, and you’re not sure how to get new patient enquiries? Ignite Growth can help you get your diary filled up and get your clinic thriving, whether you’re looking for a steady flow of new patients or a big influx. 

NHS to private

Have you been established for a while as an NHS practice, and you’re ready to take that step and start earning more as a private practice? At Ignite, we’ve helped lots of practices transition successfully from NHS to private. 


Are you hoping to step back from clinical duties, or do you want to focus on specific treatments only? Ignite Growth can help you achieve the private income you need so you can spend your time doing what you love and do best. 

Ready to scale

Are you considering scaling and acquiring more clinics or practices? You’ll need a Growth Agency you can rely on. Ignite Growth is ready to help you maximise your treatment revenue so you can focus on scaling. 

To find out more about how we can help you grow please give us a call, send us an email, or book a 20-minutes chat.

Does This Sound Like You?

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Marketing failed

Your past marketing initiatives haven’t worked, or worse still, you’ve been burnt and misled.

ready for growth icon

Ready for growth

You have the clinical skills, team and ambition to grow – all you need is more great-fit patients.

crushing overheads icon

Crushing overheads

Your high monthly overheads are making it extremely hard to run your clinic profitably.

relying on work of mouth icon

Relying on word
of mouth

You get word of mouth and referrals but it’s too slow, unpredictable and not enough to make a real difference.

less clinical work icon

Less clinical work

You need to recapture control of your clinic so you can do the things that are important to you.

Maximise revenue

You want to maximise treatment revenue by using your existing team & infrastructure.

low value treatments

Low-value treatments

Don't want to do low-value treatments anymore? With more high-margin patients, you’ll stop worrying about overheads and kickstart growth.

What is a Healthcare Growth Agency?

A healthcare growth agency specialises in helping clinics grow their revenue and achieve their goals through various marketing strategies. These can include working on social media and running ad campaigns, amongst other tactics, to get the clinic the attention it deserves. 

A healthcare growth agency will use its expertise and experience to ensure your clinic succeeds! Hiring a growth agency can be incredibly beneficial for healthcare organisations that don’t have the time and resources to dedicate a team to marketing and advertising. It is usually a one-time or recurring fee that is well worth it after looking at all of the metrics and statistics an agency provides.

What does a Healthcare Growth Agency do?

A healthcare growth agency offers a number of different services. They often use social media metrics to analyse where you are succeeding and where your clinic could make some improvements. They will also monitor your ad campaigns and give you a breakdown of their progress while consistently working on optimising them to get the most out of them. 

The agency you hire should work with you to develop a tailored plan for your clinic. To do this, they will spend the much-needed time to get to know your clinic inside out and the goals you have in mind. To really benefit from hiring a growth agency, you should work closely together and treat it as a partnership and an extension of your team that has the same objectives in mind. 

What is the difference between an Advertising Agency and a Growth Agency?

The main difference is their focus and approach towards marketing. Advertising Agencies generally focus on creating ads that appeal to a broad audience, while Growth Agencies aim to identify and target your ideal patient with strategies that resonate with them. 

Advertising Agencies are responsible for developing and creating ads, determining when and where to display them before handing them over to the client. 

On the other hand, Growth Agencies take a data-driven approach to identify the target audience in order to deliver the best new patient enquiries that are likely to convert. These agencies use a strategy-based methodology that encompasses all marketing channels that are a good fit for the target persona. 

Are you interested in reading more? Check out our blog post – What’s the difference between a Growth Agency and an Advertising Agency?

What sets Ignite Growth apart?

At Ignite Growth, we only work with clinics and practices that fall into the healthcare niches we specialise in to deliver the best results for our clients. 

When signing up with Ignite, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager that will be with you every step of the way. They will work closely with your assigned Campaign Manager, who will be running and optimising all your campaigns. 

We don’t just send a flurry of new patient enquiries your way and leave you to fend for yourself; we give you and your frontline staff the necessary training to follow up successfully to get those leads booked in to increase those conversion rates.

We’re with you every step of the way, supporting you and your clinic from first contact until your leads have converted. 

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Services we offer

To find out more about our Growth Services give us a call, send us an email, or book a 20-minutes chat.

Healthcare Marketing Success Stories

Achieving a £30K ROI from one open day campaign for the Emerald Laser Device™

• 145 leads for one campaign
• 35 deposits paid before attending
• £29,600 return on investment

Case study: generating over £1 million in dental implant revenue for one business

• 100 monthly leads
• £1.03 million in revenue
• 42 new implant patients per year

Increasing new dental implant patients for a specialised practice: A case study

• £18,000 in revenue for implant patients
• The campaign generated 47 leads
• ROI of +£17,000
• Waiting for confirmation for one full arch patient worth £30,000

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