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Case study: generating over £1 million in dental implant revenue for one business

• 100 monthly leads
• £1.03 million in revenue
• 42 new implant patients per year

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In December 2018, the founder of a soon-to-launch dental clinic chain approached Derek, CEO of Ignite, with an ambitious vision. Their goal was to establish a new brand of high-end yet accessible private dental clinics across London. 

Aiming for immediate impact upon opening, they sought expertise to drive consultations for Invisalign®, dental implants, and general dental services. Introduced by Digimax, a leader in dental website design, they were ready to make a swift entry into the market.

The challenge

As a new business, they had not yet ventured into working with marketing agencies. Initially, an in-house marketing professional was hired, but the scale of demand quickly surpassed what one person could manage. Recognising the need for specialised expertise, they turned to Ignite.

Our solution

We launched the clinic’s first campaigns in April 2019, marking the beginning of a five-year partnership that is still ongoing. Since then, we’ve been running monthly campaigns to maintain a steady stream of dental implant patient revenue. 

With the influence of the dental implant campaigns, among others, by 2024, the clinic had expanded to 10 locations across London and the home counties. Ignite supports six of these, focusing on generating implant patients in four. 

The results

Over five years, Ignite’s targeted campaigns generated impressive results across four clinics for just implant patients:

Location 1: £352,916
Location 2: £172,111
Location 3: £219,451
Location 4: £283,043


In total, at Ignite, we helped generate over £1.02 million in revenue from dental implants alone, translating to an additional £200k per year for the client. They received almost 100 monthly leads to follow up with at their dental practices.

This enduring partnership highlights Ignite’s consistent ability to deliver significant, sustained growth for our clients.


Looking ahead

This case study showcases Ignite’s pivotal role in transforming a vision into a successful, expanding chain of dental clinics. We continue to work with this clinic for several treatments and plan to expand into Google campaigns, too.

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