Dental and Cosmetic Clinic

Dental and Cosmetic Clinic

Increasing new dental implant patients for a specialised practice: A case study

• £18,000 in revenue for implant patients
• The campaign generated 47 leads
• ROI of +£17,000
• Waiting for confirmation for one full arch patient worth £30,000

The clinic

The Dental and Cosmetic Clinic, based in Leicester, is a well-established practice that specialises in dental implants while also offering a variety of other treatments, such as facial aesthetic treatments. 

The clinic got in touch with Ignite, driven by a desire to grow its implant client base, increase overall client numbers, and enhance brand recognition within the local community.

The challenge

The clinic struggled to reach and engage the right audience for dental implants. Despite offering high-quality services, it had difficulty effectively communicating the value of the treatments to its target audience. 

They had never worked with a marketing agency prior to working with Ignite, but they had tried their hand at setting up their own online advertising campaigns through Facebook. These, however, were unsuccessful, prompting them to look for help from the professionals.

Our solution

Ignite Growth took a comprehensive approach, focusing on Facebook campaigns tailored to the clinic’s specific goals to get new potential patients to attend a consultation day, where they would get a free consultation to discuss available options. Deposits of £30 were secured before the consultation day to reduce no-shows, and the front-of-house staff were trained on how to request those deposits. 

At Ignite, we understand the target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviours, making it easier to reach and engage them. The team developed personalised advertising campaigns on Facebook aimed at highlighting the clinic’s expertise in implants. We consistently tracked and optimised the campaign throughout, ensuring its success.

The results

The campaign successfully generated 47 leads, indicating a significant interest in the clinic’s implant services.

Nine of the leads booked appointments and paid deposits, with 8 attending their scheduled consultations. This booking rate is 19.5%. 

Of the eight attendees, three proceeded with single implant treatments, each worth £6000, and one is considering a full arch treatment worth £30,000. 

The total revenue currently stands at £18,000, with the return on investment exceeding £17,000.

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Looking ahead with dental implants

The Dental and Cosmetic Clinic’s decision to partner with Ignite marked a turning point in its strategy to expand its implant client base. The targeted Facebook campaigns have laid a strong foundation for growth. 

The clinic now looks forward to continuing to work with Ignite to get a steady stream of implant patients. 

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