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Why your front of house
is costing you patients

In this video, you'll find out why your follow-up process is essential to getting those patient enquiries to convert.
Why your front of house is costing you patients
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Why your front of house is costing you patients

A well-trained front of house is the solution to not losing prospective patients after the enquiries have started to roll in.

If your follow-up process isn’t converting those enquiries, you need to invest some time into finding out why.

Often receptionists or front of house staff will follow up with enquiries just as they would make any other call.

This is where they are making a mistake.

You can’t talk to someone who hasn’t decided whether to book a consultation yet as though they were a regular patient. You need to understand the prospective patient, their pain points, why they are calling and what they are looking for.

Not only this, but your method of following up, whether via email or on the phone, needs to be adapted.

So, how do you follow up?

Check out this video where Derek highlights the importance of recognising that these calls are essentially sales calls and should be handled as such.

Persistence is vital when it comes to this.

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