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Why you should avoid advertising on price

Derek, Ignite’s CEO, explains why if you’re offering huge discounts, you might find your clinic attracting time wasters
Why you should avoid advertising on price
Why you should offer Invisalign - line break

Why you should avoid advertising on price

Focus on value and less on price.  

If you want to offer affordable healthcare and advertise yourself as the cheapest, you need to bear in mind that you’ll find patients shopping around for the best bargain, and they may not appreciate the value of the treatment you offer.

This is why Derek recommends focusing on the value you offer as a clinician.

Your treatments have the price they have for a reason – they are life-changing. And if your patients want excellent care, they should understand this price.

When you advertise your treatment, shift the focus onto what the patient will get. Mention their pain points and how you can help them achieve their desired results.

This will justify the price and stop you from attracting those just looking for a bargain!

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