Ignite Growth Video Series

Why patients buy

In this 5-minute video, you’ll gain invaluable insight into how to increase the perceived value of your treatment while reducing the perceived costs.
Why patients buy
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Why patients buy

Patients buy when the perceived value of a treatment exceeds the perceived cost. 

Here, the treatment refers to the whole package the clinic offers. And in this video, Derek talks us through the numerous things you can do to increase the value of what you and your clinic offer and minimise the perceived cost.

Methods of maximising the perceived value can be to use testimonials on the website, provide information on the treatments and prove you are an expert in the field.

To reduce the perceived cost, you can offer your patients discounts, financial plans, and other things to ease the load of the treatment price.

In this 5-minute video, Derek discusses these and other ways to increase the perceived value and reduce perceived costs.

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