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Why my first business failed

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite, let’s us in on why his first business failed and what he learnt from the experience
why my first business failed
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Why my first business failed

Derek might be an expert in healthcare marketing, but before Ignite Growth, he started another business. 

Despite the incredible press, the company failed.

Derek comes from a business background. He left this industry to start his own business in 2012 – a crowdfunding platform.

They managed to get a great team together, with loads of press, but despite seeming like they were doing all the right things, they didn’t have any customers.

The problem? Derek and his team were so focused on themselves – on what their business was and the product they were offering, they didn’t actually know how to get customers.

This was what pushed him into marketing. After selling his business and analysing what went wrong, Derek made sure he didn’t make the same mistakes twice.

He realised the importance of understanding the customer and how marketing should be considered more of a science with data-driven strategies.

Check out this video to see Derek talking about his experience with his first company.

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