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Why landing pages are important

In this short video, Derek explains why you shouldn’t rely just on your website to convert those visitors
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Why landing pages are important

Why landing pages are important

You might have a beautiful website, but without a landing page, you won’t be able to convert all those visitors. 

The average website converts at less than 3%. That means for every 100 visitors, you’re only getting between 2 and 3 enquiries for that. On the other hand, landing pages can convert at a rate of 10-20%.

Why is this?

Landing pages are a really effective way of capturing those new patient enquiries from an ad. At Ignite, when we set up ads on Google or social media, potential patients will always be sent to a specially curated landing page.

This is different from the website as it contains information specific to the ad, with strong call-to-actions, testimonials and language that should help convince those landing on this page to take the next step, which could be to book a consultation.

If you want to learn more about landing pages and how to set them up, take a look at our blog.

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