Hair Transplant Case Study

Working With an Established Aesthetics Clinic to Run Successful Hair Transplant
Open Day Campaign

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Campaign Highlights

Hair Transplant Case Study

The Clinic and the Goal

The aesthetics clinic is an established clinic in Manchester that offers various treatments, including Botox injections and dermal fillers. They wanted to grow their practice by attracting new high-quality patients. 

They had been offering FUE and FUT hair transplants for several months but struggled to get the word out. They were hoping to reach a wider audience with these new procedures. 

The Challenge

This clinic had never done online marketing before and found it challenging to find new leads. They had set up their social media pages but couldn’t keep up with regular posting and lacked experience setting up campaigns and ads. They knew they wanted to promote the FUE and FUT procedures to attract new patients. 

Offering these two different types of hair transplants opened them up to a wider range of patients wanting different results. The problem was that they just didn’t know where to start. 

With cheap procedures available in Turkey, the practitioners were frustrated with the lack of education surrounding this topic. They wanted people to understand that while these procedures abroad may be cheaper, the level of treatment is not the same as having a clinic right on your doorstep. 

They wanted to draw attention to the fact that hair transplants are more affordable than ever in the UK and that having a clinic close to home means follow-up care is easy. It is much lower risk and offers an additional reassurance that treatments abroad cannot, especially for those nervous about going in for a procedure. 

Like with many other healthcare businesses, running a successful clinic is time-consuming, and so in the end, they decided they needed to get the experts in. They understood that their strengths were offering an excellent service to their patients and not marketing, so they set out to find a team experienced in healthcare marketing. 

Ignite Growth’s Method

Having heard of the success of Ignite Growth’s Open Day campaigns through other healthcare businesses, the clinic decided to book a call with our growth team to discuss how we could help them grow their business and increase leads. 

During the growth call, we explained our strategies and the expected outcome. Using detailed data analysis, we set achievable goals. This means we are able to meet objectives and deliver results; therefore, signing up with Ignite is low-risk. 

Having run hundreds of campaigns for healthcare businesses, we have years of experience and know what works. We know which audience to target when creating the campaigns and how to create the most effective ads. 

At Ignite, we talk our clients through each step, keeping them in the loop as we continuously optimise their campaigns. We assign both a Campaign Manager and an Account Manager to each client. We also provide training and support throughout.  

Open Day Campaign

The clinic was ready to hold an Open Day to get potential patients into their practice where they could talk them through the different services and procedures. Using Facebook campaigns, we managed to book up their first Hair Transplant Open Day in just a couple of days. Seeing the great results the clinic decided to open the diary for one more surgeon on the Open Day. Targeting males over 30s we filled up 2 surgeon diaries with high quality leads.

The clinic was thrilled to see that within two hours of launching the campaign, leads were coming in. Within the first two days, there were already ten qualified leads booked into the Open Day. We encourage our clients to ask for a small deposit from the leads. This not only secures their spot on the day but also guarantees the clinic that they are likely to pay for the treatment. We only want serious leads showing up at the Open Day! 



The campaigns went great, and the clinic was incredibly pleased to have its first Open Day booked up, for 2 surgeons, with prospective patients. 

We offered full support for lead follow-up and provided training to their staff to help them get as many bookings with qualified leads that are likely to follow through with treatment. 

In total, 23 people attended the first Open Day!

The conversion rate was 47.8% on the day, and everyone at the clinic was thrilled. This resulted in 11 patients uptaking treatment leading to the clinic generating over £47,000 in hair transplant treatments. This is just from one Open Day!

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