Ignite Growth Video Series

Calculating the return on your marketing for clinics

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains the importance of looking at the upside of the cost of acquisition in more detail
Derek Ignite Growth explaining what goes into Calculating the return on your marketing for clinics

When you create Facebook or Instagram ads, you’ll be able to find out just how much you are paying per lead which, in your case, could include getting a name, a number and an email address from your potential patients. 

In the dental industry, you may expect to pay around £8-12 per lead you receive through your campaign. This cost is affected by how successful your ad is, and the success depends on numerous factors, including the images you use, the copy you write and how competitive the area is. 

Once you’ve got some of those consultations booked in for consultations, you can work out how much each one has cost you, and you can do the same for those that decide to go ahead with the treatment. 

With such high-cost treatments in the dentistry industry, you have more leeway with how much you can spend per patient and calculating the return on your campaign allows you to see how successful it has been. 

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