How Ignite used social media advertising to generate a steady stream of leads for Dr Michael Frain Ltd

• 60% conversion rate from the first Open Day
• Open Days booked to capacity
• 90% conversion rate for the most recent Open Day

Practice overview: the story and goals

Keith Garber is the director of Dr Michael Frain Ltd which encompasses several dental practices throughout Wiltshire, Bristol and London. He has more than 35 years of experience practising dentistry, working with both NHS and private patients. 

After introducing Invisalign to the different practices, Keith was hoping for a steady stream of new cases. However, without proper advertising, that wasn’t the case. 

To address this issue, Keith decided to explore social media advertising as a means of promoting Invisalign and attracting new patients to his practices.

Keith’s objective was to establish a more significant presence on social media, resulting in an increase in the number of Invisalign cases at the different clinics he runs throughout the UK. 

Although Keith was content with spreading the word, we exceeded his expectations and provided exceptional results for the Open Days he advertised through us.

Challenges faced when generating new Invisalign patients

Keith didn’t know where to begin with external marketing. The only type of marketing they had tried before was to send emails to their current patients. 

While this did manage to have some success, he noted that some people were less than happy to be receiving emails. He recognised that social media was not his thing and would need expert help to get the results he wanted to achive.

‘’I try and kid myself with social media, but I’m not really that good with it.’’

’There’s things that I know about and things that I don’t know about, and that’s when you need to use other people.’’

Ignite Growth’s Strategy

Keith had heard about the positive work Ignite Growth does from other dentists. He also had an associate who had been working with Ignite and had been incredibly happy with the results of the campaigns. 

He didn’t have many reservations before the initial call due to the positive feedback he had heard and was raring to go with the campaigns.

Impressed with the initial call, Keith knew he was making the right decision and that our expertise will help with getting the Invisalign patients he wanted. 

‘’These guys can help us.’’

Keith had a seamless onboarding experience with Ignite Growth. He was assigned both a campaign manager and an account manager, who ensured he was kept informed every step of the way. 

The account manager served as a liaison between Keith and the campaign manager, providing regular updates on the campaign’s progress. 

One notable aspect of our strategies is our commitment to training staff on how to convert leads into patients. This training is invaluable and truly makes a difference in terms of conversion. 

From start to finish, Ignite Growth is hands-on, ensuring that clients like Keith receive exceptional service and results.

‘’It just pushed us in the right direction, and anytime we had any queries, we were able to get answers.’’

Results from the Open Day Campaigns

The first Open Day had a 60% conversion rate and brought ten new Invisalign patients in.

After the great results Keith decided to do monthly Open Days at each practice for the first couple of months and then continue with the Open Days every six months to keep the steady flow of new patients coming in.

The second Open Day which was hosted at the practice in Bristol, filled up completely and had a conversion rate of 90%. 

As we are writing this Keith is working with his account manager on an Open Day for another practice. We are incredibly excited to see the results from that too.

Working with Ignite Growth

Keith is just one of many dentists we have worked with, providing them with incredible results. 

He is over the moon with the results, and when asked what advice he would give to other practices that might be apprehensive about hiring a Growth Marketing Agency, he replied:

‘’Don’t be put off by fees because if you’re really committed to actually getting involved with something like Invisalign, you need to take a plunge, and you need to have people around you that are going to give you the support. You can’t do it all on your own.’’

The Results from working with Ignite Growth

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of clinics and practices achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

Book a call with our experts today and see what we can do for you. 

Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Keith talk about the success he has had with Facebook Advertising and how he increased his Invisalign cases.

Keith garber ignite growth testimonal
Keith Garber photo for testimonial after running a social media advertising campaign with Ignite Growth

”Go with Ignite Growth and you’re going to get loads of patients coming through.”

Keith Garber, Director at Dr Michael Frain Ltd

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