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The Dental Lounge – ‘Go Big or Go Home’

The Covid situation gave them the motivation they needed to take the plunge, and in Jo’s words, she decided it was time to ‘go big or go home.’

Dental Lounge Team posing happy after successful Invisalign Campaign Marketing

The Dental Lounge is a hidden gem of a practice in residential Cheadle. Jo Middleton is the practice manager. Along with Paul, the principal dentist, they wanted to bring in some new patients and start offering Invisalign treatment. They hoped to attract high-value patients. 

The challenge

With just one dentist responsible for the marketing investment, getting great results was even more important. 

With a lack of knowledge of marketing the dental practice on social media using organic posting and ads, they tried to advertise in newspapers. Times have changed, and digital marketing is vital in order to successfully attract new patients. 

They felt out of touch as they saw other dental practices advertising on Facebook, and they decided they needed to move forward with the times and dive into Facebook campaigns. 

The Covid situation gave them the motivation they needed to take the plunge, and in Jo’s words, she decided it was time to ‘go big or go home.’

The process

Jo booked a Growth Strategy Call with our experts. This is simply an informal chat where we learn more about your practice, challenges, and goals. Here, we advise on how you can overcome those challenges and achieve those goals with our help. 

There’s a lot of competition out there now, so they both really valued the postcode exclusivity that we offered (we hear that a lot!). Put simply; it meant they would be the only practice within a certain mile radius being looked after by Ignite. This avoids conflict of interest, and so you have our undivided attention to marketing in your area. 

The Ignite team quickly set them up with all the advice, support and resources they needed to get their first open day campaign up smoothly and rapidly. 

We believed that Ignite was right for us because we’d heard from other dentists and marketers that they were good.

You still don’t know how it will pan out, but it’s actually been great!

Following our advice after the initial phone calls, they sprang into action, got an iTero scanner in, and Paul completed his Invisalign certification just days before the first campaign went live.


Thanks to our carefully crafted Facebook campaigns, both Jo and Paul were incredibly pleased with the results. They received a steady flow of younger patients, and they increased their treatments in general, not just those looking for Invisalign. 

They are looking to add an associate to keep up with the demand of new patients, and they have put an extra surgery in the practice. It’s been an all-around success. 

The transformation

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of healthcare businesses achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

Book a call with our experts today and see what we can do for your healthcare business. You can do this by clicking here or below on the big orange strip.

Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Jo talk about the success she has had with Facebook Advertising and how she increased the practice Invisalign cases with our help.

Jo Middleton The Dental Lounge Video Testimonial Ignite Growth
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All of a sudden, you get an email, then another one – then Oh My Gosh! We got like 10 video calls in a week!

It’s been absolutely brilliant since we started!

Jo Middleton, The Dental Lounge

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