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Bethcar Dental Practice

Bethcar Dental Practice - ‘’We just can’t fit any more patients in!’’

Find out how Bethcar Dental with Ignite’s help went from doing mostly NHS contract work to private high-end dental treatments.

Bethcar Dental Team posing happy after a successful Dental Practice Marketing campaign

Recognising the Importance of Marketing for Dentists - The Challenge

Laura Wedge purchased Bethcar Dental several years ago with her husband, Rhys. The practice, based in Wales, had a huge NHS contract. There was a lot of work, and they needed to meet the forever growing overheads in order to make the practice a success.

Laura realised that she needed to freshen up the business and try something new. She wanted to change the direction the practice was going, but she had no experience in marketing and a limited budget. 

Understanding that marketing was the only way they would be able to see the results they were looking for, she set about finding a team of experts to help them increase leads and conversions. 

How Ignite Growth was able to help

Laura had heard about Ignite from other dentists who had seen fantastic results for their practice. She didn’t want to spend thousands trying to do her own marketing without the knowledge, so teaming up with Ignite was the best bet. 

Ignite was getting praise from people that I respected in the dental world, so we decided to hop on a growth strategy call with them.

The pressure was on, and it felt like a bit of a risk – and she had to convince her husband too. After the growth strategy call, where we talked them through the process and what we can expect to see from our campaigns, they were on board, and they were happy to make the 3-month commitment. 


I felt they understood where I was in the business and would be able to help us to grow the practice.

The first open day was a complete success. Laura and her team received lots of bookings, and as she puts it, the second open day ‘’just smashed it out of the park’’. 

Surely but slowly, things started picking up until it went straight through the roof. Then for the third open day, Bethcar had three dentists seeing new patients all day from nine until six.

These were results that they had only dreamt of seeing. Aside from all the new Invisalign dental patients she received through our effective campaigns, she also has a lot of ongoing cosmetic dental work. Many patients continue with the same practice to carry out other high-cost treatments and the open days are just a gateway to get more great fit patients through the door. 

After the success of the Invisalign campaigns, Laura asked Ignite to run Facebook Advertising campaigns for Facial Aesthetics and hair restoration too.  


The transformation

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of healthcare businesses achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

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Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Laura talk about the success he has had with Facebook Advertising and how Ignite have helped her.

Laura Wedge Bethcar Dental Video Testimonial for Ignite Growth
Laura review for Ignite Growth after successful Dental Practice Marketing campaign

Thanks to Ignite – we’ve absolutely exploded!

We had to turn off some campaigns because we just can’t fit any more patients in!

Ignite has done so much for us.

I just want to thank them.

It’s changed our practice and our life.

I’m very grateful for that!


Laura Wedge, Bethcar Dental

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