Why the Rise in Body Contouring Treatments in Clinics in 2023?

Why the Rise in Body Contouring Treatments in Clinics in 2023?

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There has been a surge in body contouring treatments in clinics across the globe, and we’re here to dish all the details on why 2023 is shaping up to be the year of contoured bodies. Let’s dive into the treatment that’s making waves at clinics around the UK.

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If you’re a clinic owner, you’ll want to read this and see how you can incorporate these treatments into your clinic or make the most of the ones you already offer.

The Evolution Post-Pandemic

So, we emerged from the pandemic with a newfound appreciation for all things body and soul. The demand for body-shaping solutions stayed strong even through those challenging times. What’s interesting is that this surge isn’t just about newfound technologies – it’s a grand evolution of the industry itself.

Patients became experts as they researched the treatments out there. With the world opening up, there was no time to waste recovering from surgeries, and so with the possibility of fast transformative treatments that are non-invasive, interest was on the rise.

The patient is shopping around

Times have changed. Patients have more power than ever. They often arrive at clinic doors fully Google-educated on what they can expect from the treatment they are interested in.

On the one hand, this is great. They’ve researched the risks and benefits and want to learn more. The chances of converting them are high.

But it also means they want the most effective treatment and the best patient care for themselves, and they won’t settle for less.

But don’t try and win them over by offering them the cheapest options. In fact, the opposite would probably have a better effect as you’ll avoid underselling and, therefore, undervaluing the treatment and your clinic.

In order to charge the appropriate prices without any pushback, you’ll need to provide value and explain exactly how your prospective patients can experience a transformation.

Offering more than one treatment or solution to the problem is another way to appeal to prospective patients – they won’t need to look elsewhere.

Patients want less invasive treatments

Remember the ’80s and ’90s when everything was all scalpels and surgical lights? Well, we’ve come a long way since then.
In 2023, more than ever, the spotlight is shining on achieving natural-looking results that are low-risk and without a long recovery time. People are busy; they want to look good and get on with their lives.

The other emerging trend is the idea of taking a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. This approach encompasses the patient’s lifestyle, nutrition and exercise regimen. It emphasises sustainable approaches with outcomes that align with patients’ personal goals. All of this without any surgery.

Innovative body contouring technology and tools

Emerging technologies and devices make treatments such as body contouring effective, safe and efficient.

Emerald Laser is becoming the go-to treatment for many patients. With providers throughout the world, many of which are in the UK, clinics are opting for this groundbreaking technology.

There is a huge appeal of the laser to both clinics and patients and here’s why: 

• It’s non-invasiveemerald laser body contouring
• Patients can resume activities as normal
• Results within four weeks
• 30-minute sessions and the machine runs unattended
• No known side effects
• Completely pain-free without the need for local anaesthetic

Technologies are fast improving, and your clinic needs to stay on top of trends within the industry while learning all about devices such as Emerald Laser.

Once you’ve got the device that best fits your clinic, you’ll need to know how to get the best return on investment.

Check out our blog post on how to market your cutting-edge clinic devices here.

Reaching more diverse patients

No longer reserved for the select few, body contouring has started to extend its reach to a more diverse population with varying body types and needs. While the scope is still small, with different technologies and devices, you and your clinic can reach a broader variety of patients, which reflects the commitment of your clinic to cater to a wider demographic.

Offering different types of treatments helps the patient feel that their needs are being met!

Embracing 2023: A transformative journey

In retrospect, what makes 2023 an exceptional year for body contouring treatments? It’s the culmination of adaptability, patient-centric philosophies, and the seamless integration of technology and patient care.

This year signifies a shift in healthcare – one that recognises the empowerment of patients and the dynamic relationship between practitioners and those they serve. We can see how patients are taking control and know what they want – it’s up to you to give it to them.

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