Boost New Patient Enquiries with ChatGPT for Your Aesthetics Clinic

Boost New Patient Enquiries with ChatGPT for Your Aesthetics Clinic

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Looking to get your aesthetics clinic a boost in new patient enquiries?

We’re here to talk about the biggest game-changer we’ve seen in years: ChatGPT! If you aren’t using ChatGPT for your aesthetics clinic, you’re missing a trick.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this past year, you’ll have heard of ChatGPT. This impressive chatbot answers all your questions, helps you write content and can help your business grow.

It boasts a high level of natural language and can respond to an extensive range of questions on different topics.

It does, however, have its limitations. It’s not uncommon to find inaccurate responses – remember to fact-check.

Also, the last update for the free version was in September 2021. This means any new technologies, trends, news, etc., are unknown to it unless you feed it that information yourself.

So, while we recommend using ChatGPT for your aesthetics clinic, use it with a pinch of salt.

At Ignite Growth, we don’t just keep up with trends in the healthcare world – we want to provide value. And today, we’re going to spill the tea on how you can integrate ChatGPT into your clinic’s marketing strategy.

Creating content with ChatGPT

Writing captivating content is an art, and let’s face it, as a clinic owner, you have too much on your plate to be spending time writing perfect blog posts or posting social media updates.

Here’s where ChatGPT comes in.

Need a blog post about the latest advancements in body contouring?

Want a captivating Instagram caption or an engaging email?

ChatGPT’s got you covered.

With this AI assistant, you can efficiently generate informative and engaging content that educates, entertains, and entices potential patients. Your clinic’s voice is amplified by ChatGPT’s brilliance – now that’s a recipe for content success!

Give ChatGPT prompts

In order to get the most out of this chatbot, you’ll need to provide clear prompts to give it the chance to write the best content for your clinic.

Your prompts should include:

A persona where you tell ChatGPT who it needs to be. Go into detail, including any specialities, studies or experience.
E.g. You’re an experienced facial aesthetics practitioner from Liverpool working at a city centre clinic.

A task where you tell it what it needs to do. Be clear and specific, mentioning whether you want a general overview, certain benefits, a comparison, etc.
E.g. Write a 400–500 word blog about the benefits of Profhilo treatment and how this treatment can transform the lives of patients.

Include steps where you provide more specific details, such as what to include in the introduction, key points to cover and how to conclude the blog and include examples to help make this clear.

Provide context and constraints, including what the goal of the task is, the target audience, the context and anything to be excluded.

Output definition and provide instructions on tone of voice, formatting and length. Suggest a title, keywords and subheadings if you see fit. Break down any complex topics by dividing them into subtopics or questions.

Give feedback and use follow-up prompts for the first draft.
E.g. Can you elaborate on the recovery times you mentioned?
chatgpt for your aesthetics clinic

Some quick tips for ChatGPT

  • The more specific your prompts, the better the response will be
  • Give detailed instructions so ChatGPT doesn’t provide broad responses
  • Fact-check information ChatGPT gives you
  • Ensure the information is the most updated
  • If you’re unsure about the direction, ask for multiple approaches from different angles or perspectives

Incorporate ChatGPT into your website

So, we’ve covered how you can use ChatGPT for your aesthetics clinic to write content, but how else can it help you boost new patient enquiries?

Incorporating ChatGPT into your website.

To do this, you’ll need to choose a pre-built chatbot platform that allows easy integration, or you can get in touch with a website developer to develop a custom solution using APIs.

What can you get out of ChatGPT for your website?

You can integrate this AI to provide your website with an instant chatbot so you’re potential patients’ questions are answered instantly. It can help book your patients in and capture their details to increase lead generation.

One of the best parts of using ChatGPT for your aesthetics clinic in this way is personalisation. Today’s patients crave this, and ChatGPT delivers it in style. By training this AI to understand your clinic’s unique personality and target audience, you can ensure that every interaction feels tailor-made.

Imagine a potential patient inquiring about body contouring and ChatGPT responding with a touch of warmth and a dash of humour, perfectly aligned with your clinic’s vibe. Or they reply sympathetically to the frequent fears and doubts a patient may have.

That personal touch isn’t just a chat; it’s a connection that builds trust and encourages patients to take the next step.

This will only help save you time so you can dedicate your time to focusing on your clinic and the patients you’re seeing.

Using ChatGPT for your Aesthetics Clinic

chatgbt for clinicsThe era of ChatGPT has dawned, and it’s time to harness its power. By embracing this AI marvel, you’re not just stepping into the future; you’re carving a path that leads to higher patient engagement, exceptional marketing, and a clinic that stands out in a sea of competitors.

At Ignite Growth, we want to provide you with value. That’s why we write these blogs. We want you to reach your full potential, so if you want to learn more, check out our resources page, which is jam-packed with ideas to get your clinic thriving.
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