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The Hugely Successful Opening of Dental on the Banks

Find out how Ignite Growth has helped Dental on the Banks with the marketing for their new dental practice and making it a huge success.

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The Dream

When associate specialist orthodontists Damon and Ramtin Taheri decided to branch out on their own, that’s precisely what they were up against.

The brothers began their journey by rethinking the whole idea of what a dental practice could be like – but from a distinctly patient-centric point of view.

What they came up with was an exciting state of the art concept.

Ramtin explains:

We wanted to give each and every patient an incredibly smooth, pain-free and even enjoyable experience, unlike any other practice they’d ever been to.

Our patients would be greeted by an incredibly professional yet friendly team, then go on to relax in a beautiful tranquil lobby sipping Fiji water. We saw ourselves delivering bespoke treatment plans whilst they were watching Netflix on the ceiling with noise-cancelling headphones!

The wake-up call

Fast forward three years, and after a long search to find the right location to set up their new dream practice, the brothers decided on Canford Cliffs, an affluent suburb of Poole in Dorset, which is home to a number of celebrities and top footballers. It’s also where you’ll find the most expensive coastal properties in the country.

It was a truly fantastic location, but there were some serious challenges, and because the area was incredibly prestigious, the cost of converting the property and setting up a state of the art practice was daunting.

Damon explains

It really was a massive undertaking. We were starting from scratch, with literally no patient base at all, in a highly competitive area and because Ramtin and I had previously worked as associates in another area, we didn’t have a reputation locally to help us.

As specialists, the brothers wanted to realise their full potential as quickly as possible and were intent on kicking the practice off with some pretty ambitious goals.

They knew they needed to be marketing the practice to attract great fit new patients who appreciated higher value treatments to achieve those goals.

On course for success

So, in 2017 – years before the practice even opened, Ramtin attended a ‘Facebook Ads For Dentists’ course taught by Derek Uittenbroek (CEO of Ignite Growth).

Though Ramtin didn’t realise it at the time, attending this training would ultimately lead to an incredibly successful launch of their practice that quickly propelled them into the Invisalign premier league.


Ramtin was impressed with the value and knowledge that only an industry insider like Derek would have.

This was hands-down the best course I’ve been to this year, and I’ve been to courses all over the world!


After the course, he asked Ignite to take over the marketing for their soon-to-be-launched practice.

We took time to thoroughly research the business ambitions, the local market and the clinical aims of the practice. Derek decided to use a process he’d developed called The Patient Conversion Method* that he felt would work best for the brothers.

Derek explains:

Even before the practice opened, we began by using what I call The Patient Conversion Method*.

Working in close partnership with Ramtin and Damon, encouraging them to start recording video content that documented their journey.

The strategy was to share this content on social media to build brand awareness and begin resonating with ideal potential patients in the local area, pre-launch.


After six months of diligent effort, working with building contractors to transform the property,  Dental On The Banks finally opened their doors for the very first time in June 2019.

What the brothers achieved was hugely impressive.

The practice is a fantastic example of what a modern, contemporary dental practice can be.

You will find a distinctly luxurious feel with high-quality finishes in every room. They’ve successfully created a wonderfully serene atmosphere, with cutting edge dental equipment and best in class treatments delivered by a caring expert team.

And yes, they had the tranquil lobby with the Fiji water and even Netflix on the ceiling, as well as those noise-cancelling headphones too.

They had finally built the practice they’d been dreaming of for years.

Having laid the all-important groundwork by building awareness and interest in the new practice, now it was time to dial in the all-important marketing campaign strategy to attract the right kind of new patients for the high-value cosmetic treatments they were offering.

Here’s the thinking behind the strategy:

Because we’d already built local awareness of the practice in the months leading up to the opening, we were able to hit the ground running when the time came to open up and bring patients in for consultations.

The approach was carefully tailored to match the high-end and premium feel of the practice – by focusing on the real value of an Invisalign consultation, the benefits of the scan, and of course the experience and qualifications of Ramtin and Damon.

Just competing on price or discounts were NOT part of the strategy!

How we helped a squat practice to grow

Within nine months of Dental On The Banks opening, they became a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider with Align Technology.

In just 18 months, they advanced to Diamond Invisalign Provider status, meaning they are now amongst the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the UK.

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Ignite team helped the practice transition to virtual consultations, which played a huge role in their success.

This meant the practice was still able to attract and nurture new patients despite not being able to perform in-person consults.

When practices were allowed to reopen, Dental On The Banks confirmed over 40 new Invisalign cases, and they enjoyed the highest number of Clincheck submissions nationwide in June.

But the story doesn’t end there

At one point, they were the fastest-growing Invisalign provider in the UK and have since become the highest performing specialist Invisalign providers in the South of England.

Damon and Ramtin are top-notch clinicians who are extremely ambitious about growing their practice and delivering the best possible care.

They were commercially minded, keen to learn and happy to collaborate.

If you want great results like this, then that’s exactly how you need to be thinking.’


Feeling inspired by the Dental On The Banks success story?

Whether you’re a squat practice like Dental On The Banks, a more established practice or want to expand and open even more practices, you’ll need to consistently attract high-value patients – if you want to grow and reach your full potential.

We can help ignite your practice growth by increasing your private treatment uptake.

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Dental On The Banks went from a squat practice to ‘Diamond’ in just 18 months!

We could literally not have done even 10% of this without the team at Ignite – they’re the best in the game – trust me.

As long as you are nowhere near me, GET THEM ONBOARD!”

Damon and Ramtin, Dental On The Banks

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