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What Black Swan Dental Spa has achieved with a personalised Invisalign Open Days Marketing plan from Ignite

Open days are an excellent way to bust Invisalign patient numbers. We work with our clients until we have crafted the best Invisalign open days marketing plan for their practice.

Black Swan Dental Spa nurses team posing after successful Invisalign Open Days Marketing campaign

The challenge

Ahmad Nounu is the practice principal and clinical director of Black Swan Dental Spa based in Somerset. 

During the first lockdown, he took the opportunity to step back and reappraise his goals for the practice. He wanted to increase the incoming leads to the practice and the uptake of high-cost treatment. 

Ahmad realised he needed to get in touch with the professionals in order to successfully market his dentist practice; however, finding someone you trust can be difficult. 

He was also conscious that the practice is based in a rural area, and he worried that the marketing potential in larger cities is a lot higher. Despite these fears, he was ready to take the plunge and went in search of a growth agency he could trust. 

The process

As always, Ignite Growth talked through the marketing process with Ahmad. We helped ease his mind of the usual worries and woes that many have before signing up with us. 

After listening to him and explaining how we could help him reach his goals, Ahmad was on board and ready to incorporate our dental marketing strategies into the business. 

I spoke to a number of different agencies, but they were very very wishy-washy.

It didn’t fill me with confidence.

Ignite were very upfront about everything, and the only ones who clearly knew what they were doing.

The first campaign was reaching new customers who would be interested in video consultations. We then developed this campaign into an Invisalign Open Day. 

The team at Black Swan had organised many of their own Open Days previously – but the treatment uptake was always around 50%.

Because they hadn’t really ever given the reigns to another company to organise it all, it’s fair to say they were a little apprehensive about it.

The results

The team were thrilled with the results. Within a couple of days, the entire open day was completely full, and they quickly opened up a second day.

Eventually, they just didn’t have the diary space to fit any more new patients in.

The other great news was the extremely high conversion rate they were enjoying. People weren’t just showing interest, they were following through with expensive treatments. 

About 80% of the patients that they saw from the campaign went ahead with treatments which far exceeded what they were able to achieve by themselves. 


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Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Ahmad talk about the success he has had with Facebook Advertising and how he increased his Invisalign cases.

Ahmad Nounu Black Swan Dental Spa Video Testimonial Ignite Growth
Ahmad Working copy

Our experience with Ignite has been amazing!

We’re on target to reach 100 new cases by the end of the Invisalign year.

Treatment uptake numbers were so incredible that we had to pause our Facials Aesthetics campaign early!

Ahmad Nounu, Black Swan Dental Spa

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