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Explosion of New Invisalign Cases from Facebook Advertising

• 255 leads in 3 months
• 30 to 40 leads contacted them in the first weekend alone
• Up to 6 new Invisalign cases going ahead every week

Thornaby Dental Centre Team Posing Happy After Getting an Explosion of New Invisalign Cases from Facebook Advertising with the Help of Ignite Growth

Why Getting More Invisalign Cases is Easy to do with Facebook Advertising

Nowadays, everyone has a voice. Whether it’s an opinion about politics or just a funny cat video on YouTube, people are sharing their thoughts with the world.

Facebook is one of the best ways to get your name out there and attract new patients while staying in touch with current ones. It’s no wonder that dentists have started using Facebook advertising to promote their practices!

With so many options available today for dental care, it can be hard to stand apart from your competitors however this is where Facebook advertising comes into play.

Through the use of advertising a dental practice can put the potential patients mind at ease by pointing out the benefits, and the ease of some of the treatments, or implications for others.

Read on to learn more about how Facebook advertising has changed Thornaby Dental Centre.

Recognising the Importance of Social Media for Dentists

Principal Dentist, Peter Sharp bought Thornaby Dental Centre back in 2015.

His vision was to improve and expand the practice into an oasis for patients by offering them an extensive choice of modern dental treatments and techniques.

Peter, like many other ambitious principals, recognised the crucial role that a healthy social media presence plays in achieving growth for healthcare businesses.

Through the use of social media dentists and healthcare professionals can reach and engage with their target audience no matter their location.

Social media can be used for building brand awareness, keeping in touch with patients, getting new leads, and building revenue.

He tried to run Facebook Advertising himself without success. He found he was getting confused and frustrated with how complicated it all was.

“Facebook is becoming more complicated. I couldn’t work out how stuff works, and it just wasn’t worth my time doing it. So, I just thought I’d just get someone on board who knows what they’re doing!”

Setting Up a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign with Ignite Growth

Thornaby Dental Centre is located in an area with a huge practice nearby, and a plethora of smaller practices offering similar treatments.

Peter needed a way to stand out by building up his reputation and attracting the right type of patients.

Peter was on the lookout for a new agency to help him with marketing his dental practice, but he had some reservations after being let down by other agencies in the past.

However, he’d taken on board the positive comments he’d seen and heard from other healthcare businesses who had worked with Ignite Growth and decided to give us a chance.

Because the Ignite Growth team has been working exclusively with healthcare businesses in the same situation since 2017, there was no need to waste time and resources ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

The team knew precisely what to do so sprang into action straight away!

They started building awareness on social media through paid Facebook Advertising and delivering enquiries from great fit new patients looking for Invisalign or high-end treatments.

The Thornaby team got the training they needed on the best practices for nurturing and converting the leads we send through into treatment uptake.

With Ignite you know you have a partner every step of the way.

The Results from Facebook Advertising (An Even Bigger Year!)

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of healthcare businesses achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

Book a call with our experts today and see what we can do for your healthcare business. You can do this by clicking here or below on the big orange strip.

Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Peter talk about the success he has had with Facebook Advertising and how he increased his Invisalign cases.

Peter Sharp, Thornaby Dental Centre Video Testimonial for Ignite Growth
Thornaby Dental Centre Principal Dentist Getting an Explosion of New Invisalign Cases from Facebook Advertising with the Help of Ignite Growth

It just exploded!
I’m sometimes getting six new Invisalign people
a week going ahead.

Just incredible!

Peter Sharp, Thornaby Dental Centre


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