Emface® by BTL

A breakthrough campaign: A total revenue of £24K for a new device in just 48 hours

“The process was amazing; I didn’t have to lift a finger.”
– Sandy Hamber, Beauty Studio MediSpa

emface case study emface by btl

How an aesthetics clinic was able to market its revolutionary device to a new audience using our fully automated campaigns and follow-up bot.

The problem

The well-established clinic, Beauty Studio MediSpa, faced the exciting opportunity of introducing Emface® , a revolutionary non-surgical facelift device, to their clinic. 

Sandy Hamber at Beauty Studio MediSpa had recently purchased the cutting-edge technology from BTL and hoped to drive bookings for this new treatment. Determined to stay ahead of the competition, she wanted to establish her clinic as the go-to place for Emface®  before others adopt the same device. In the long term, she’s looking to reinvest in new devices to expand the range of treatments she can offer,

She understood the appeal of non-invasive methods for reducing fine lines and wrinkles without any downtime. The problem? Getting the word out there. 

While she and the team had successfully marketed to their existing patient base, she recognised the need to tap into a wider audience if she wanted to secure enough patients to cover the investment made. 

Other agencies had informed her that her clinic would need to manage lead follow-up and booking processes.

From past experiences, Sandy and her team hadn’t had success following up with patients. The back and forth and trying to qualify leads were time-consuming and essentially ineffective. She knew they would be better off focusing on other aspects of the business. 

So, she set out to find an alternative solution that could streamline the entire process and allow her to concentrate on administering the treatment.

Our solution

This is where our fully automated campaigns came in.

We took a strategic approach to introduce Emface®  to women aged 45 and above, highlighting its needle-free, non-invasive, and zero-downtime attributes as an appealing alternative to traditional facelifts. Our goal was to showcase Emface’s potential while sparing the clinic the hassle of manual lead follow-up, lead qualification and bookings.

For five weeks, we ran Facebook and Instagram campaigns to promote the open day event that was held over two days. These campaigns were accompanied by our trusty AI-powered follow-up bot and automated deposit collection. 

The bot’s callback feature proved to be a game-changer, ensuring that even those who couldn’t attend the open day had a chance to book their Emface®  treatment, boosting conversions. This automated process meant Sandy and the clinic could dedicate their time and attention to the open day. 

The results

There were a total of 16 bookings.

13 were scheduled for the open day event, while 3 were secured through the bot’s callback request feature.

92% conversion rate for leads that attended the event.

Of the 13 leads that booked and showed up, 12 went ahead with treatment.

The Total Revenue was a remarkable £24,000.

This is after a total ad spend of £1867.21.

emface btl case study ignite growth

Looking ahead with Emface® 

With the Emface®  campaign’s resounding success, Beauty Studio MediSpa is poised for growth. The substantial total revenue has paved the way for future campaigns, which will help cover their investment in the Emface®  device and, as planned, allow them to invest in new devices, setting them up for a prosperous future.

The future of aesthetics marketing

Beauty Studio MediSpa’s journey with Emface®  exemplifies the incredible potential of fully automated campaigns in the aesthetics industry. By eliminating the need for time-consuming lead qualification and booking processes, we enabled our client to focus on what they do best: providing cutting-edge treatments that enhance the lives of their patients.

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