Emerald Laser™ – Harley Street

Emerald Laser™ – Harley Street

Generating an ROI of £30K in just 48 hours for one device

• 70% conversion rate
• 20 deposits paid
• New clinic within sight

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Dr Shaikh edges closer to her new clinic with Ignite after marketing Emerald Laser™ treatments through fully automated campaigns.  

The problem

Dr Najia Shaikh is the owner of One Skin Clinic, which is run from a rented space. She has a vision to open her own clinic within the year, so she was looking for an effective method to attract a consistent flow of patients to her current clinic. 

Despite having multiple cutting-edge machines, including Emsculpt Neo, Hydrafacial, Morpheus8 and Emerald Laser™, she faced challenges in expanding her patient base from high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) from the Middle East and Asia to a local audience. 

Dr Shaikh rents a room in a larger space on the competitive and renowned Harley Street. The difficulty in attracting new patients with such competition in the area, along with previously failed attempts at marketing campaigns which weren’t able to deliver the results she needed, led her to look for alternative solutions.

The goal was clear: generate a reliable stream of patients to pave the way for her upcoming clinic. She just needed help to make it a reality.

Our solution

Having seen our success in promoting the Emerald Laser™ treatment with one of our clients, Dr Nima, Dr Shaikh reached out to us for a tailored solution to her problem.

From the devices she uses, we also focused on the Emerald Laser™ – a laser ”liposuction” that is painless, with zero downtime and is completely non-invasive. This device gives people the confidence they’re looking for without them having to take time off work or go through any pain – with the right strategy; it’s an easily marketable device.

Just as Dr Shaikh requested, we targeted women aged 25-55; however, instead of only reaching out to HNWIs, we expanded the audience, enabling her to grow her patient list. We did this through a series of automated Facebook campaigns with one open day campaign to attract patients to visit the clinic over two days.

The clinic’s follow-up was easy. As the campaigns were fully automated, they just made a quick phone call to those leads who had booked an appointment to thank them. This meant the reception team didn’t have to spend time trying to convert leads over the phone, taking a huge weight off of their shoulders.

The results

The monthly campaigns to promote the device were a success, and the open day campaign surpassed expectations.

There were 20 booked appointments with deposits paid over the two days

Of these, 17 showed up to the event

The total conversion rate was over 70%

12 out of 17 patients went ahead with treatment

The clinic made an impressive £30,000 return on investment (ROI) in just two days

This is after a total ad spend of £1460.33

emerald laser case study

Looking ahead with Emerald Laser™

With a remarkable ROI and a steady influx of patients, Dr Shaikh is well on her way to realising her dream of opening her clinic. The success of the Emerald Laser™ automated campaigns helped One Skin Clinic become a go-to destination for aesthetic treatments on Harley Street.

It also demonstrates Emerald Laser’s market appeal, solidifying its status as a standout device within the industry, and well worth the investment if you’re willing to market it effectively.

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