Allurion Gastric Balloon

Allurion Gastric Balloon

How Ignite secured an 80% lead conversion rate for the Allurion Gastric Balloon

• 80% of leads that attended the mini open day converted
• 90 enquiries to follow-up
• Total of £25,800 generated

allurion gastric balloon
allurion gastric balloon

How an aesthetics clinic found the perfect market for a novel weight loss treatment using our targeted paid social campaigns with automated lead support

The Problem

Looking to deliver the most innovative health and wellbeing treatments, the clinic was considering training to become providers of the Allurion Gastric Balloon:

“The world’s first weight-loss balloon that does not routinely require surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia for placement or removal”.

They understood the transformative power of this treatment to improve the lives of those struggling with weight issues. But what they didn’t know was if there was enough or any demand for it in their area.

This concern was amplified by an ongoing challenge they faced with high-end treatments: deposits. Following up with leads, making sure they’re informed and committed, while also engaging in a constant back and forth risked becoming a frustrating balancing act.

While existing clients were willing to put down deposits for new, more expensive treatments, identifying leads willing to do the same was notoriously difficult. This added yet another hurdle to securing new clients for Allurion.

Yet they knew Allurion was a game-changer in the weight-loss industry.

If they couldn’t make a success of providing this treatment, another competing clinic would. They would lose that first-mover advantage along with the authority, trust and, ultimately, the clients that come with it.

That’s when they decided to call in the professionals to help promote their Allurion programme.

Our Solution

We launched a 2-week fully automated social media campaign focusing on Facebook and Instagram to promote a mini open day – an afternoon set aside by the clinic exclusively for Allurion leads.

Through our targeted ad campaigns, we honed in on highly motivated and ready-to-commit leads.

Part of this approach meant making it mandatory to pay a small fee in order to book a consultation. But we didn’t stop there: we made this into an automated process, taking the hassle and the guesswork out of the team’s efforts. This meant less time following up and more predictable results, gaining a flow of high-intent incoming leads with minimum effort for the client.

This filtered out low-quality leads prone to filling up free consultation slots without then following through by booking. What remained were high-quality, informed leads who were ready to buy.

The Results

80% of leads that attended the mini open day converted.
These leads either went ahead with treatment on the day or booked in for a later date.

The clinic secured 6 deposits in one afternoon, and 2 additional deposits a few days later.
Each deposit came from a new client, proving that there was a lucrative, local market.

The clinic made £25,800 within one week of this campaign.
That’s a 250% return on their investment with Ignite.

The clinic received over 90 enquiries to follow up.
This revealed considerable local demand and the ongoing potential for bookings.

Proudly Promoting Allurion

The Allurion weight loss programme helps individuals enjoy healthy and importantly, sustainable weight loss so they can feel body-positive again. That’s why we’re proud to support clinics nationwide promoting this ground-breaking weight loss treatment. 

A Closer Look At The Campaign

So, let’s take a closer look at exactly how much profit our client made from our automated campaign.

Total Ad Spend

In total, our client spent £1364.13 between 1st March 2023 – 14th March 2023.


We secured 6 deposits on auto-pilot for the client in just one afternoon, with an additional 2 deposits paid a few days later.


Out of the initial 6 deposits, 5 patients attended their consultation with 4 patients proceeding with treatment. 2 additional patients paid deposits days later and also proceeded with treatment.

This gave the client a total of 6 patients proceeding with treatment.

Return On Investment

With a cost of £4,300 per conversion, and 6 patients proceeding with treatment, our client generated a total of £25,800.

Costs to our client for Allurion program, which included the scales, app, nutritionist and the allurion balloon, came to £1800 per patient.

These costs, including our fee’s, and ad spend for the campaign, meant that our client generated a grand total of £11,235.87 profit over a short 2-week mini campaign.



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