How can a chatbot help your healthcare business?

How can a chatbot help your healthcare business?

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Chatbots are great at converting those new patient enquiries that arrive on your website quickly and easily.

But before walking you through the ways in which a chatbot can bring in these new enquiries, let’s clarify what a chatbot is and the different types that exist.

A chatbot is an automated messaging service that appears to visitors on websites. It allows these visitors to chat, ask questions and have their queries answered. This kind of tool, when set up correctly, allows people to feel as though they are talking to a real person with the added bonus that human error is not a factor.

Chatbots manage customer queries, share information, and they help to create a positive user experience.

They can be used to book appointments, make sales and gather user information – they are an essential tool in many businesses.

Types of chatbots

Decision Tree vs NLP chatbot

What are the types of chatbots?

  • Decision Tree
  • AI (artificial intelligence)

AI chatbots such as those using NLP (natural language processing) must be trained in order to understand the user’s language. The responses from a conversation AI are those most similar to a real person.

Decision tree chatbots are rule-based. They are excellent at providing the most accurate information possible. They do this by asking simple questions back to the user to narrow down the possibilities.

If you wanted to set up a chatbot on your website, for example, for your hair transplant clinic, a basic decision tree chatbot conversation with a user would look like this.

Chatbot Conversation Flow Ignite Growth

Customers don’t have to search through the website for the answers; they instead get an instant response. This makes it more likely that they follow through with an action.

Why would a chatbot be beneficial to your business?

Chatbots are great in bringing in prospective patients and getting people to engage with the website and the treatments you offer. This increases lead conversion, and reduces the bounce rate. These conversational bots are not only beneficial for you and your clinic, but they are also helpful for the users browsing your website.

Chatbot Ignite

#1 Staff Productivity

Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Use

Is your website fit for purpose? Websites are a powerful tool for creating a great impression, and you can’t keep using that temporary website you’ve made 10 years ago!

Your website needs to be:

Have a look at your local competitors. How does your website compare to theirs? Look at what you can do to improve but also what you do well and what differentiates you.

Your staff can concentrate on the important stuff without having to respond over and over again to the same queries. Your FAQs can be built into the flow.

#2 User-friendly

The messenger service is easy to use and understand. People will have no trouble asking and answering quick questions.

#3 Instant Response

Patients are less likely to convert if they are made to wait. The responses from a chatbot are instant, so there is no waiting around.

#4 Personalised Experience

Visitors will feel as though they have had a personalised experience which will reduce the exits of the webpage without any engagement.

#7 Answering Queries 24/7

Your potential patients will be able to get the answers they need at any time of day

#6 Multiple conversations

Chatbots can handle several conversations at once, which saves valuable time your employees could be spending on other areas of the clinic.

Another benefit of using a chatbot for your clinic is that it reduces friction. Friction is the time it takes for a user to complete an action. Reducing this by making information easy to find is a quick and easy way to turn leads into conversions.

Having this chatbot ready to resolve all sorts of doubts and questions, in turn, reduces bounce rates. Visitors don’t have to browse the website to find answers to their questions, and once they have received this information quickly, they are more likely to follow up with an action.

Consumer changes

In recent years, especially since the pandemic, chatbots have become more prevalent on websites as more consumers shop around online. These consumers can have all their questions answered without having to pick up a phone or send an email. It’s quick, convenient, and exactly what they are looking for right now.

Clinics have started to realise that they need to keep up with the more digitally-savvy patient, and putting messaging software on their website is a great and simple way to do this. To learn more about consumer changes and how these affect your clinic, check out our blog. 

Why is instant messaging so crucial for a business?

If prospective patients have to wait for a response to their query, the lead is likely to go cold. There is a limited window of opportunity to create a rapport with that customer, and timing is key. A good chatbot will have the customer’s query resolved quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on the next step, which might be booking an appointment.

Globally, 87% of businesses have found that chatbots are effective in resolving customer issues. This has led to an increase in lead capture by at least 33%. Chatbots are the future of online sales.

Chatbots for lead generation

Not only does this messaging software help to convert leads, but it also helps to generate them.

One way it does this, as we have mentioned, is by reducing friction. Making the user-experience simple and easy means the visitor is more likely to take an action.

Another way is by collecting data from the user, which can be sent to your front of house team to follow up with the enquiry.

They can also identify whether the new patient enquiry has arrived from a specific marketing campaign which allows you to retarget them.

Connect chatbot to calendar

Chatbot Calendar Appointments Ignite

Visitors can enquire about bookings and complete a booking through the chatbot. This makes the process simple, which in turn encourages more bookings.

The chatbot can ask a series of questions in order for the potential patient to find the right kind of consultation and consultant for them before booking them in.

Chatbot conversation flowchart

A conversation flowchart shows the conversations users have had with the chatbot. This allows you to follow and analyse conversations and see when and why users are abandoning the conversation while also seeing where engagement is high.

This information can be eye-opening as you could find many leads asking the same questions repeatedly, offering you the chance to add clarity to the web. You’ll be able to see a typical customer’s doubts and worries, and you can adjust your website and marketing accordingly.

This analysis has two main advantages;

Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to really understand your customers, which will help with your marketing strategies and build positive relationships with them.

Secondly, it will help to convert leads as you will be able to find out why leads are exiting the page or not following through depending on the conversation they have had with the chatbot or at which stage they leave.

Tweaking your chatbot will allow you to get the most out of the software, creating an efficient and effective way of converting leads for your healthcare business.

So, is a chatbot right for your healthcare business?

If you want a simple and effective way to convert your leads and keep them happy by providing them with all the information they need at the drop of a hat, then yes! Chatbots are proven to be successful, and with a more digital consumer, they are becoming a necessity on websites.

If you still have questions or would like to talk to someone about chatbots in more detail book a FREE business growth call with one of our experts and they can walk you through how it works as well as answer all your questions.

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