Dentistry News Roundup October 2022

Dentistry News Roundup October 2022

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Welcome to the Dentistry news roundup October 2022

This month has been a busy month for dentistry news. We discuss how to keep patients happy while you transition away from NHS contracts. We also talk about Invisalign’s latest release and how Botox, a treatment now offered by many dental practices, affects mental health. 

Why has Britain fallen in love with Botox? There is only one way to find out …

Dentistry News Roundup October

‘’This year, researchers at the University of California San Diego released a study showing anxiety levels were between 20% and 70% lower in people who have had Botox’’.

Zoe Williams delves into the effects of Botox not only physically but on mental health too. She discusses why Britain has fallen in love with Botox and whether it’s worth all the hype. 

This quick-fix treatment for frown lines isn’t just used for those older; 20-somethings are also using ‘’baby-Botox’’ to prevent future lines, but is this effective?

If this is a treatment you’ve already incorporated or planning to incorporate into your clinic, you’ll want to read the full article and find out why the British are going mad for this anti-ageing treatment.

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Energy prices – five control measures dental practices can take

october dentistry news

Energy prices have skyrocketed, leaving homeowners and business owners panicked as they try and cut down on spending to pay the bills.

While homeowners were given a price cap recently for the next two years, small business owners only have this for the next six months. 

Some private practices are looking at increasing their treatment fees to cover costs, but others don’t want to lose patients. So, what can you do? 

This article outlines some of how you can control your bills and save money elsewhere. You’ll have recommendations of websites that will help you, along with ideas for investments to try and grow your business! 

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The new role model

Denial, anger, depression, reconciliation, and acceptance are all part of the stages your patients go through as you break the news that you will no longer be working with the NHS and that you will only be offering private treatments. 

While transitioning to a private practice may mean you have your best interests and those of your patients in mind, patients rarely accept and understand this. Hence, it is crucial that your reception staff, those having to take those calls from disgruntled patients, know how to deal with the anger and disappointment. 

Turning down NHS contracts may provide you with the income to provide a top-quality service, better than you’ve been able to provide, but patients won’t necessarily see it this way. The solution? Train your staff to be able to deal with complaints and assure patients that the changes will bring added value. To read the full article, click here.

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Align Technology launches Invisalign Go Express System

Align Technology has launched its Invisalign Go Express System in the UK and Ireland. Specifically for those only needing minor alterations, such as closing gaps, the treatment is shorter and has been designed for general dentists. The idea is to integrate tooth alignment into comprehensive dental care. 

As the demand for aesthetic treatments is on the rise for general dentists, the Invisalign Go Express System is an ideal treatment. Read more about it here

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