How can you become an Invisalign Diamond Plus provider this year?

How can you become an Invisalign Diamond Plus provider this year?

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become a diamond invisalign provider

Whether you’re looking to start offering Invisalign treatments or trying to scale up and get an influx of new patients, you’ll need to understand the different tiers and why you should aim to become an Invisalign diamond plus provider.

In this blog, you’ll also learn how you can double your case volume in one year through our exclusive Aligner Growth Programme. We are so confident that if you don’t get what we guarantee, we work for free!

First, what is it about Invisalign that’s taking the world by storm?

Invisalign has transformed over 14 million smiles over the past few years. Present in more than 90 countries, there are over 100,000 Invisalign-trained orthodontists and dentists. If you aren’t one of them, what are you waiting for?

Invisalign has maintained an excellent reputation for years thanks to its revolutionary technology and the regulated process of how appointments are conducted. Dentists and orthodontists now have access to iTero scanners and other top-of-the-range technology, making consultations seamless. With this technology, a big selling point is the ability to show patients what their smile could look like pre-treatment.

With many copycats out there, cheaper retainers with only online consultations are still far from being in the same league as Invisalign. The in-person appointments and constant observation of Invisalign provide patients with a sense of ease that online consultations cannot compete with.

Why should your practice be offering Invisalign?

High-value treatments, such as Invisalign, are a great way to bring in that extra income.

And with the Aligner Growth Programme, getting those new patients through the door has never been easier. You’ll get free training, a free Invisalign business course and many other valuable tips to ensure you can convert those leads. You’ll also have access to an exclusive discount on Invisalign which saves you hundreds of pounds per case!

Invisalign is low-risk. As the technology has been used for around 25 years, for millions of cases, you can trust the process and feel assured that your patients will be happy with the results.

Another benefit of offering these teeth straightening treatments is that once you’ve built a relationship with your patients and they are happy with the treatment, they are more likely to uptake other high-value cosmetic treatments with you and your practice, like composite bonding or teeth whitening.

Which level should I aim for and why?

become an invisalign diamond plus providerThere are several levels for providers, and the one you choose to aim for depends on your capacity and how you are marketing yourself and your clinic. Set realistic goals and expectations and ensure you and your team can handle the new cases you hope to get.

One of the most prestigious levels is diamond plus. Only a fraction of the thousands of providers out there makes it to this tier.

At Ignite, we’ve helped numerous dentists reach this tier through Open Day and monthly campaigns.

How can I become an Invisalign diamond plus provider?

To become an Invisalign diamond plus provider, you will need to invest in advertising. This is one of the most effective ways of getting the over 151 cases per year you’ll need.

What we’ve seen at Ignite is that there is an abundance of potential patients willing to go through with treatment; you just have to find them and appeal to them.

How do you do this?

With online campaigns. Set up an Open Day and get the word out there. Encourage patients to book a consultation with a great offer that includes an exclusive discount.

People that want cosmetic dental work want to see the changes quickly. Get out in front of them before other practices and explain the process of Invisalign.

If you’re not sure how to start setting up campaigns, you’ll need a growth agency that will help you get more patients booked and visiting your practice.

And if you are seeing less than 50 patients per year for Invisalign, you qualify for our challenge, where we offer our fees for free if you don’t double your cases.

Choosing a growth agency

Now that we’ve established that you need a growth agency, you need to know what to look for in finding the best one for you.
Some key things to look out for include the following:

Experience – has the agency got experience in setting up the running the campaigns you are looking to do?

Experience in the field – you’ll need an agency that understands how dental practices in the UK work and, even more importantly, what their potential patients want. Get someone experienced in the field who understands you and your clients.

Testimonials – agencies are experts in marketing, so it’s no surprise they will be able to talk themselves up, but do they have the proof to back that up? Find an agency with testimonials and success stories. One that can prove they can deliver results.

Results – while agencies might not guarantee results, with social proof, you should be able to get an idea of what they could look like. Steer clear of agencies that promise you the world, as they may fail to deliver.

More than just leads – while you’ll want an influx of new leads, you should look for an agency that will be with you every step. Too often, practices get dropped once the leads start coming in, and without proper follow-up training, they risk losing patients before they can convert.


If you’re interested in learning more about how with open days, monthly campaigns, invaluable training and much more, we can help you double your cases and get you savings of up to £400 per case, click the link and sign up!

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