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Never use stock images in your marketing

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains why using stock images in your clinics ads
is not a good idea
Never use stock images in your marketing
divider line Never use stock images in your marketing

Never use stock images in your marketing

Just like other businesses, healthcare businesses tend to use picture-perfect stock images to help promote their clinics. Either they don’t feel like they can take appropriate pictures themselves, or they don’t see the value in using their own images. 

The issue with stock images is that you can spot them a mile off. And when scrolling social media, your prospective patients will end up seeing more ads with stock images than without. Their eyes will become accustomed to spotting an ad without even registering it. 

So, what helps you stand out? 

Using authentic and relatable pictures. 

Stock images tend to make ads look like ads, whereas photos taken by clinics tend to resonate more with the prospective patient. 

The photos don’t have to be perfect. They can show the treatments you offer, patients’ before and after pictures, your clinic and your team. These images will be much more relatable and will encourage people to engage with your post as opposed to them seeing it as just another ad.

If you’re unsure how to take good pictures for your clinic, check out this guide with all the tips and tricks you’ll need. 

Hit play below where Derek, Ignite’s CEO, discusses why you shouldn’t use stock images in your marketing. 

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