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Never mention price on social media

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains why it's not a good idea to
mention price on social media
Never mention price on social media
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Never mention price on social media

As soon as you mention the prices of the treatments you offer, you start to compete with everyone else’s prices. 

Even if you are offering cheaper treatments than your competitors, you shouldn’t be putting your prices out there. Why not?

You haven’t shown your prospective patients the value they will get from uptaking one of your treatments. And if they aren’t convinced it will change their life for the better, adding a big number beside your offer will only put them off, as they haven’t had a chance to appreciate the worth of it. 

First, you need to get them into your clinic and get them on the way to their patient journey. Once they see that there is value, it’s a much easier conversation to have as the context has been provided. You can show off your clinic, your friendly staff and everything you have to offer, but if you tell them the price before they see any of this, it’s more difficult to get them through the door. 

So, before they arrive at your clinic, tell them what they will be getting. And while you can include discounts and freebies, don’t mention the total cost of the treatment. 

Derek explains this further in this short clip! 

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