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Why your marketing should focus on
solving patients problems

In this short video, Derek explains how to avoid going after the same potential patients as your competitors.
why your marketing should focus on solving patients problems
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Why your marketing should focus on solving patients’ problems

Check out this video, where in less than two minutes, you’ll learn why you should focus on solving patients’ problems. 

You might think one of the easier tactics of getting new patients through your clinic doors is to spend your time and budget on marketing a treatment to an audience who is likely to buy that treatment as they are already interested in it. 

However, in doing this, you will be competing against all the other clinics who are are trying to attract the same type of patient. 

This can limit you resulting in you and the other clinics fighting to get to the same patients. 

Instead, you can shift the focus. Rather than targeting an audience who knows what they want and the price they want to pay, try to appeal to a different audience. 

Explain how through your treatments, you’ll be able to get them the results they want. 

Check out this video where you’ll understand this further with Derek’s clear example which will help you to put this into context. 

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