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Instagram reach is dying

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains why Instagram reach is dying
Instagram reach is dying
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Instagram reach is dying

Every day, people spend hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, uploading photos, commenting and sharing. But these aren’t just social media platforms; they are also advertising platforms. 

Facebook, over the years, has started showing organic content from business accounts less and less in order to prompt them to spend money on ads. 

The same is happening with Instagram. Businesses are noticing that their posts and stories have a lower reach than before.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or easy way around this. You have to keep up with the changes.

These platforms want you to start using paid advertising to reach more patients. 

So, if you’re going to do it (and you should), do it well. Using Instagram as a paid advertising platform can significantly increase your patient enquiries, but only if done correctly. Otherwise, you’re throwing money down the drain. You need to carefully curate your ads to capture the attention of new patients who might be interested in your treatments. 

At Ignite, we are experts in online advertising so get in touch if you would like a helping hand! 

Check out this video where Derek explains further how Instagram reach is dying, and if you don’t keep up with the times, your clinic will be affected. 

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