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Ignite Growth typical campaign process

In this video, Derek, explains what our typical campaign process is and more.
Ignite Growth typical campaign process
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Ignite Growth typical campaign process

Using a dental practice as an example, Derek, Ignite’s CEO, talks us through how we set up a typical ad campaign. 

We encourage clinics and practices we work with to offer free consultations. While we never want to mention the price of a treatment, providing something in return for them booking in with the clinic, such as a free consultation, is a great way to attract new patients. 

We set up Facebook and Google Ads campaigns at Ignite for practices and clinics. We have years of experience targeting the right audience for the right clinic. 

We drive new patient enquiries to the landing page, where they can book a slot for their free consultation. 

We then offer the staff training so they can follow up on leads effectively. This is a pivotal part of getting patients through the doors; our training allows staff to understand the patient journey better. Every patient is different, at different stages of their journey, with different needs and motives. 

In this clip, Derek discusses all of this and more! 

If you would like Ignite Growth’s help in setting up your paid advertising campaigns, get in touch with us for a free call where we will talk you further through our process. 

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