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Adapting your follow-up strategy can help
double bookings

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains the importance of adapting your follow-up strategy and how to do that.
Adapting your follow-up strategy can help double bookings divider line

Adapting your follow-up strategy can help double bookings

Depending on your target audience, you may have to adapt your follow-up strategy in order to get those consultations booked in. 

If you’re promoting Invisalign, your audience will probably consist of females under 35. While the most effective way to follow up with any lead is to phone them as soon as possible, generally, this age group responds less to phone calls. 

It’s important to understand how to engage and create a rapport with your potential patients, considering that their age will likely mean you’ll have to adapt your strategy. 

Many women under 40 will not pick up the phone, especially to a landline. The email open rate from dental practices is also relatively low at 22.5%, and voicemails tend to go unreturned. So, how do we get in touch with leads?

In this video, Derek discusses these challenges and provides methods of solving these problems. He will explain how you can double your bookings by changing how you contact your leads, adjusting your technique to each demographic. 

If you would like more information on how to follow up with leads, have a look at our guide on creating a successful Open Day Ad which includes details on how to follow up with leads effectively. 

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