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We see 5000 ads per day; how can you stand out?

With so many ads being shown to your potential patients every day, you'll need to stand out from the crowd. Watch this video for some tips.
We see 5000 ads per day; how can you stand out?
Why you should offer Invisalign - line break

We see 5000 ads per day; how can you stand out?

When the average person sees 5000 ads daily, you’ll need to grab their attention. But how can you do this with so much competition out there?

Like many other clinics, you might be tempted to show off your state-of-the-art facilities or new equipment. Maybe your clinic has been running for years, and you want to prove that your invaluable experience in the industry helps you trump other clinics. 

While these are great factors for a clinic, it doesn’t mean using them in your ads is the best way to market your clinic. 

While most clinics will focus on letting potential patients know about their price, treatment or service, they forget one key thing: the patient. 

Rather than showing off how great your clinic is, you should be explaining how your clinic can change the lives of your patient. 

In this video, Derek explains that this is why before and after campaigns work so well; you mention the pain points the patient feels and the incredible outcome they can get from uptaking your treatment. 

Focus on the patient, not the clinic. 

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