Zero To Hero
In Just 9 Months

Learn how two brothers set up a squat practice and quickly became the fastest growing Invisalign provider in the UK.

Dental On The Banks


The Dream

Starting up a brand new private practice is always a challenge, but how about doing it in a highly-desirable new area, with no patient base, and amongst 90 competing Invisalign providers?

When associate specialist orthodontists Damon and Ramtin Taheri decided to branch out on their own, that’s precisely what they were up against.

The brothers began their journey by rethinking the whole idea of what a dental practice could be like – but from a distinctly patient-centric point of view.

What they came up with was an exciting ‘state of the art’ concept.


"We saw ourselves delivering bespoke treatment plans whilst they were watching Netflix on the ceiling with noise-cancelling headphones."

The Wake-Up Call

After a long search, they found a great location but it had big challenges. 

It was a highly desirable area and the setup costs were high, they didn’t have a patient base or a reputation locally – and they were surrounded by 90 competing Invisalign providers.

They understood they needed to do an outstanding job of marketing the practice if they were to stand out.

The Process

They decided to sign up with Ignite and after some initial research, received a custom made strategy.

Pre-opening, the idea was to start recording their own video content that documented their journey and share that on social media.

It worked like a charm.

By the time the practice opened they’d built up high levels of awareness and had managed to resonate with ideal potential local patients.

It was then time to dial in the all-important marketing campaign that would bring the right kind of new patients into the practice.

The approach was carefully tailored to match the high-end and premium feel of the practice focusing on the real value of an Invisalign consultation, the benefits of the scan, and of course the experience and qualifications of Ramtin and Damon.

Diamond 80

The Transformation

– Within nine months of Dental On The Banks opening they achieved Platinum Elite Invisalign status

– In just nine more months they advanced to Diamond Invisalign provider status

– At one point, they were the fastest-growing practice in the UK

"We could literally not have done even 10% of this without the team at Ignite - they’re the best in the game, trust me.

As long as you are nowhere near me, get them on board!"
Damon Taheri
Dental On The Banks

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© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.