How Westcliff Dental Became a
Diamond Invisalign Provider

Daanish Chatteroo, principal dentist at Westcliff Dental,  wanted steady sustainable growth so he could do more of the work he loves most – here’s how he got to Diamond Invisalign provider status!

Westcliff Dental - From NHS work mostly to Diamond Invisalign Provider

Westcliff Daanish and team

A Solid Foundation

Daanish has a mixed practice in Westcliff On Sea, but was mostly NHS initially. The demographic of the patient base is changing, but it’s still sometimes challenging.

He provides quality care, quality treatment and an overall good experience.

“I’m not the most expensive but I’m not the cheapest – I’m in between. I’m not going to increase my price for anyone and I’m not going to decrease the price for anyone.

I know that I can deliver, I build relationships and from those relationships I get more clients.”

"My website and Facebook page
were not the best.

But Ignite said they could work with what I had and implement things gradually which was great!"

The Journey

When Daanish joined with Ignite way back in 2018, he was a little bit pessimistic because he’d had bad experiences with other agencies.

They were over-promising and under-delivering – not doing what they were supposed to do. He had to constantly keep an eye on things.

“That’s why I was careful not to over invest. But in hindsight I should’ve invested more because it was a very good experience from there.

So it’s definitely been a steady progression and I’m ecstatic – I’m over the moon about it!

Ignite are a good fit for any practice that wants to progress ethically and meet their goals.
If I could increase the physical size of my practice – I would!”

A New Process

“During the lockdown, we started doing video consultation quite actively and for the first six months, that proved amazing. Basically everyone that did the video consult came in and I would say 80 to 90 percent were converted.

One big game changer that Ignite introduced was if people were not paying a deposit, we’d cancel the appointment.

We wanted to make sure the people who were coming in were interested in the treatment, not just looking or clicking for the sake of it.

Despite my reservations it worked well!”

Westcliff Team

The Transformation

“As long as I’m getting what I’m getting right now, I don’t have any reason to change or any reason to move.

Ignite are keeping me busy and keeping me happy!”

2018 – Started with Ignite
2019 – Became Invisalign Silver
2020 – Achieved Invisalign Platinum
2021 – Now Invisalign Diamond

"In the first year I was doing 10 or 20 Invisalign cases a year.

But now I'm doing over 150 - and I've just turned Diamond

Thanks to Ignite - I’m ecstatic"
Daanish Chatteroo
Westcliff Dental

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.