Opening New Doors For
Oxford House

Read how Oxford House hosted more than 12 successful Open Days with the Ignite open day Framework and our data-driven ad campaigns.

Oxford House Dental Practice

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The Challenge

Kaival Patel, Oxford House principal, wanted to grow his well-established practice by attracting more implant and Invisalign cases.

He’d tried Google Ads before working with Ignite, but found it was very competitive in his local area of Milton Keynes.

Whilst over on Facebook, he struggled to understand the ad platform and couldn’t find a strategy that worked.

The bottom line was he didn’t have the time or the expertise needed, and so he just wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

"I had dabbled in a bit of Facebook marketing - but I didn’t really know what I was doing."

Implants Campaign

Frustration with ad platforms is one of the main challenges for healthcare business that want to grow. Our healthcare-specific expertise with those platforms is one of the areas where we provide huge value.

We helped Oxford House eliminate overwhelm and gain clarity by providing the strategy, tactics and best practices that would enable them to attract the great fit high-value new patients they wanted.

Despite being a challenging treatment to market successfully, we started by launching an implant campaign.

The results were so strong that Kaival asked us to run an Invisalign open day campaign for him as well.

Invisalign Open Day

Like any great initiative, the secret to a successful Invisalign open day is a solid strategy.

The Ignite team have run literally hundreds of campaigns to promote open day events, so we know how to get great results for practices.

We didn’t just send leads to the practice and abandon them. The Ignite team were always on hand, and we’ve also built a solid knowledge base to provide support with valuable advice and step by step instructions on how to filter and nurture those new leads – and increase treatment uptake.

The Oxford House Invisalign open days have grown predictably and steadily – and are now running 4 scanners in 4 surgeries.

The Ignite Open Day Framework* has proven to work so well that Oxford House is now running them every 3 months.

Oxford House

The Transformation

– The first open day was such a success that we’ve gone on to run over a dozen for Oxford House since

– On their most recent open day, they had 34 people paying deposits and going ahead with treatment

– Now the majority of their Invisalign cases come from the open days alone

"We had such a good response from the
Facebook open day ad campaign that we were maxed out!"
Kaival Patel
Oxford House Dental

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.