Open The Tap
Get A Bigger Bath!

When Brad Thornton took over Ivory Dental it was very old school.

He was ambitious about making it more relevant for patients today and tapping into the lucrative private side of the practice.

Ivory Dental


Time For A Rethink

Like a lot of practice principals, during the covid lockdown period Brad was thinking about how he was going to bring at Ivory Dental out of lockdown in the strongest possible way.

True to form, he decided to be proactive by implementing marketing more consistently and with greater intent.

Brad had a reasonably good grasp of marketing and understood the art of storytelling and the message he wanted to send out.

But over the years, he’d always struggled to implement it.

"Facebook is a pain in the arse
for dentists even though
Mark Zuckerberg’s
dad is a dentist!"

The Big Challenge

Brad found Facebook frustrating and was trying to learn it during his lunch break or after work.

“I didn’t know enough to be able to get the results that I wanted, but I also didn’t have the time to be able to implement it – even if I did!”

Trying to work out ways that he could execute the things in his head had always been an obstacle so he knew I needed some help.

“When I first spoke with Ignite, based on what colleagues were saying and their recommendations I thought there was very little risk because everybody knows Ignite is an easy company to work with.

That’s why I actually felt quite confident that we’d be able to achieve what I was hoping for.”

Turning On The Tap

Brad ran Invisalign open days and regular monthly campaigns too. 

He also did a highly successful composite bonding open day.

“Every single person that attended the composite bonding open day has gone ahead with the treatment! It was very successful with about £40,000 – £50,000 worth of treatment just from that one day.

So we know that the Ignite open days work for other treatments – not just Invisalign.

We started doing Invisalign about four or five years ago. I enjoy implants and surgery, but I was never really feeling that happy about doing teeth straightening. So I wanted to find associates to fill that gap – which has now happened.”

“I don't believe in turning the tap off.
I believe in getting a bigger bath!”

Getting A Bigger Bath

Brad soon discovered that when people came in the door for Invisalign, it often fed into other treatments he offers. Now he has bigger plans.

“I want to be the principal who has three separate Diamond Plus associates within his practice. I’ve got three new associates joining me soon to help me do that.”

The new dentists are also going to be taking over a large portion of Brad’s general dentistry as well.

“We’ve got the enquiries coming in, the marketing is working, everything is going well. That now provides the fuel for everything else and I can start to take a step back.

If the practice isn’t relying on me from a financial point of view at all, then that’s the ultimate goal, because in the end, I can do what I want – it’s all about having choices.”

Ivory Dental Post Cover

Rinse & Repeat!

– Exponential growth

– 3 new associates about to join

– Invisalign patients flowing into other treatments

– New campaigns for implants and composite bonding

– Big leap in revenue when working with Ignite

– Reached £2million turnover

– More time for working on growing the business

“If you’re looking for somebody to generate leads
and bookings in the diary for high revenue
treatments then Ignite know what they’re doing."

"They’re easy to work with, very honest,
transparent and they’re effective."

"I wouldn’t see a reason why
you should be sitting on the fence."

"Just go for it!"
Brad Thornton
Ivory Dental

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.