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Dental Lounge

The Dental Lounge is a hidden gem of a practice in residential Cheadle.

With just the one Dentist responsible for the marketing investment – it was even more important to get great results.

The Dental Lounge

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The Challenge

Jo Middleton, practice manager and Paul the principal dentist wanted to bring in some new patients and start offering Invisalign treatment.

The COVID situation gave them the impetus to go ahead and do it. In Jo’s words she decided to “Go big or go home”.

They sprang into action, got an iTero scanner in and Paul completed his Invisalign certification just days before the first campaign went live.

“We'd tried the newspapers, it just doesn't work - and we're not very good on social media.

You've got all these young whippersnapper dentists flashing their stuff on Facebook.

We just felt we needed to
move forward with the times.”

The Journey

Jo booked in a Growth Strategy Call which is simply an informal chat where we learn more about your practice, challenges and your goals. It’s here we give advice on how you can overcome those challenges and achieve those goals.

There’s a lot of competition out there now so they both really valued the postcode exclusivity that we offered (we hear that a lot!). Put simply it meant they would be the only practice within a certain mile radius being looked after by Ignite.

The Ignite team quickly set them up with all the advice, support and resources they needed to get their first open day campaign up and running smoothly.

“We believed that Ignite was right for us because we’d heard from other dentists and marketers that they were good. You still don’t know how it’s going to pan out – but it’s actually been great!’

Practice exterior

The Transformation

– 20 leads came into the practice for the first Invisalign Open Day

– Big increase in general cosmetic dentistry uptake

– A stream of younger patients are now joining the practice

– Renovated the practice and added an extra surgery

– Now adding an associate to meet the growing demand

“All of a sudden you get an email, then another one then oh my gosh!

We've got 10 video calls in a week!

It's been absolutely brilliant since we started.”
Jo Middleton
The Dental Lounge

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.