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With the right expert help you can dramatically grow your practice, even if you have zero marketing experience.

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Bethcar Dental Practice

Bethcar Team

The Challenge

Bethcar Dental is a Welsh practice with a big NHS contract owned by husband and wife team Laura and Rhys.

5 years after purchasing the business there was a lot of pressure to service the substantial overheads.

Revenue was not trending in the right direction and it all felt like hard work.

Laura decided the practice needed to make a change in direction and to start something fresh.

She knew that marketing was going to have to play a big role in the change they wanted, but had little experience and their budget was not unlimited.

"We had not done any marketing
not even boosting a post, literally zero.

But we didn't want to spend thousands and thousands of pounds every month
with no idea of the return."

The Journey

The pressure was on and it felt like a bit of a risk – and she had to convince her husband too.

“Ignite was getting praise from people that I respected in the dental world so we decided to hop on a growth strategy call with them.

I felt they understood where I was in the business and would be able to help us to grow the practice.” After the growth strategy call they were happy to make the 3 month commitment.

According to Laura, momentum started slowly but surely and then ‘it just went straight through the roof! The first open day was a success, the second one just smashed it out of the park. Then for the third open day we had three dentists seeing new patients all day from nine until six.”

In fact, the campaigns were so successful they asked Ignite to run campaigns for facial aesthetics and hair restoration too.

Laura also found there’s a valuable bonus to running these campaigns.

“I get a lot of ongoing cosmetic dental work from these patients and I see them as a gateway to get even more great fit patients in the practice.”

Laura nad Rhys

The Transformation

– The last open day had 70 patients booked in with deposits paid
– Expanding the team with two new dentists and surgeries to meet demand
– Adding two brand new surgeries
– Bringing in a TCO to manage the flow of new patients
– New pay monthly plan that’s growing every month

"Thanks to Ignite - we’ve absolutely exploded!

We had to turn off some campaigns
because we just can’t fit any more patients in!"
Laura Wedge
Bethcar Dental

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.