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Facebook and Instagram advertising can be a great source of new patients. But it takes know-how and insider expertise to get truly transformative results.

Perfect Smile Clinic


The Challenge

Sakshi Gautam is part of the management team for The Perfect Smile Clinic in York and wanted Invisalign to ‘take off’ at the practice.

When COVID hit they started putting more effort into trying to find out how to reach more people on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Despite hearing stories about Facebook being a really fantastic lead conversion tool, she had challenges with getting results herself.

"I did a facebook ads course and tried doing it on my own but I couldn’t make it take off."

"So we just got the experts in!"

The Journey

Sakshi and her husband own multiple practices in different locations. The strategy was to start with one Invisalign campaign at their York practice and then roll out regular monthly campaigns.

They were cautiously optimistic about the campaign but when it first went live and those leads started flooding in – Sakshi found it really exhilarating.

“My phone started pinging – ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping! – it was literally like that for the whole weekend – ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!!!

We had so many new leads coming in that our TCO was unable to keep up. We now have a nurse who does the scans because we don’t have any more time available with the dentist!

It’s transformed our practice. Our staff have new career opportunities due to the sheer number of new patients Ignite is sending us.”

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The Transformation

– Started with one Invisalign campaign for one practice
– 55 people took up treatment from the monthly Invisalign campaigns
– Ignite now doing marketing for all four practices
– 60% conversion on the open days which are also fully booked
– 27 people now taken up Invisalign open day treatment
– Recruiting an extra dentist to meet new demand
– New patient numbers boosted team spirit

"Looking at what they've achieved,
I would definitely recommend Ignite to anyone
who's still thinking or sitting on the fence."
Sakshi Gautam
Perfect Smile Clinic

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.