Giving Facial Aesthetics
A Lift

Increasing treatment uptake in a competitive area and a competitive niche is tough. Read how Dr Eddin managed to achieve exactly that.

Re:treat Medispa

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The Challenge

It’s no secret that facial aesthetics clinics and Medispas are fast-growing and highly competitive healthcare business verticals.

Re:treat Medispa is a modern facial aesthetics clinic based in West London that blends medicine and aesthetics to provide quality cosmetic treatments.

Dr Eddin wanted to grow his clinic by attracting more facial aesthetics patients. But the big challenge was that the clinic is in a highly competitive part of West London and was having trouble standing out from the competition and attracting them.


"We tried the normal routes
like Google ads and Facebook.

We also did some adverts in local magazines, but we struggled to attract enough new patients."

The Results

Despite the challenges he was experiencing, Dr Eddin had seen proof that Facebook and Instagram campaigns worked well for other clinics and Medispas. 

So of course, he was keen to get it to work for Re:treat Medispa too!

After signing up with Ignite and much to Dr Eddin’s surprise, the clinic received well over 50 enquiries from their Facebook ad campaign – in the first seven days alone.

The Process

To set Re:treat up for success, we had to work out who their ideal patient is, what they are worried about, how we can help them fix that problem and lastly, why they should care about the Re:treat Medispa in particular.

From here, we were able to build a powerful social media advertising campaign that attracted the right kind of patients – patients that value the premium treatments that Dr Eddin offered.

One of the keys to this campaign’s success was that, with our guidance and coaching, Dr Eddin’s team could follow up with all of the new enquiries in a quick, persistent and compelling way.

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The Transformation

– Over 50 enquiries from their Facebook ad campaign in the first seven days

– 184 treated facial aesthetics patients in about 12 months

– An average treatment value of £250 with many patients returning quarterly

– The great lifetime value meant that Dr Eddin could finally go full-time at Re:treat, as previously he’d still been practising as a dentist part-time

"This has been the single biggest source of new patients for us, and we’ve also had more referrals as well as an increase in enquiries in general.

That’s why I would certainly recommend Derek as an expert in this field."
Dr Shadi Eddin
Re:treat MediSpa

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© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.