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Black Swan

When you want to grow it can be difficult to find someone to trust, but when you do it’s so worth it – just ask Black Swan Dental Spa.

Black Swan Dental Spa

Ahmad Working

Pause For Reflection

During the first lock down Ahmad Nounu took the opportunity to step back and reappraise his goals for Black Swan Dental Spa.

Ahmad decided to invest in online marketing and to introduce video consultations as new initiatives.

Being in a rural area, he’d always been quite sceptical about online marketing.

He knew the potential in larger cities was obviously going to be a lot higher but still wanted to take the plunge.

Then began a tricky search for an agency Ahmad could trust.

“I spoke to a number of different agencies but they were very wishy-washy.

It didn't fill me with confidence.

Ignite were upfront about everything,
the only ones who knew what they were doing.”

Taking Flight

Ahmad started with a campaign for doing video consultations and developed that into an Invisalign Open Day campaign.

The team at Black Swan had organized many of their own Open Days previously – but the treatment uptake was always around 50%.

Because they hadn’t really ever given the reigns to another company to organise it all, it’s fair to say they were a little apprehensive about it.

Within a couple of days, the entire day was completely full and they quickly opened up a second day.

Eventually, they just didn’t have the diary space to fit any more new patients in.

The other great news was the extremely high conversion rate they were enjoying.

About 80% of the patients that they saw from the campaign went ahead with treatment which far exceeded what they were able to achieve by themselves.

The Transformation

– 33 great leads for the first Invisalign Open Day alone

– New treatment uptake numbers ‘immense’

– Now an Elite Platinum Invisalign provider

– Launched successful Facial Aesthetics campaigns

– Expanded the team and facilities to satisfy the new demand

"Our experience with Ignite has been amazing!"

"We'll reach 100 new cases by the end of the Invisalign year"

"Treatment uptake was so incredible that we had to pause
our Facials Aesthetics campaign early!"

Ahmad Suit And Tie
Ahmad Nounu
Black Swan Dental Spa

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© 2021 Ignite Growth, trading name of DHU Consulting Services Limited. All Rights Reserved.