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Step 1: Watch the video

Step 2: Schedule your free 15-minute chat

The more you can share with us at this stage, the better, as it will help us with our research ahead of the call.

Step 3: If we are able to take you on, you will be invited to a 45-minutes follow-up call where we will share your clinic's bespoke marketing plan.

Here's what to expect:

Part 1

Once we have received your 15-minute chat booking we establish if there is any conflict in the area where you are located. 

If we already have clients in your area, you will be contacted and notified of this.

Due to the multiple area factors that we consider when taking on a new client it’s difficult to let you know before we have analysed the data.

At this point, you have a choice; you can continue with the call to learn about the services we offer in case your area frees up, you can go on the waiting list, where we will contact you if there is availability in your area, or you can cancel the call. 

Part 2

You will have an initial 15-minute call with Meg, our Digital Strategy Consultant.

This is a fact-finding session, and Meg will run through a few questions to establish if we are able to help your practice/clinic.

As much as we might want to help everyone, we are not the right fit for everyone and not all healthcare businesses are in the right position to start advertising.

We will only be looking at working with healthcare businesses we truly believe we can help and make a difference for.

Part 3

If the fact-finding session all went well and we are able to take your healthcare business on, you will be invited to a 45-minute follow-up call where Meg will do a deep-dive into your bespoke marketing plan that our team have carefully curated for you and your clinic.

The call will usually take place about a week after the fact-finding session; however, it depends on your availability. 

Before the next call we will be creating a bespoke marketing plan for you.

On this call we will also discuss things like ROI and what you can expect from working with us. 


Part 4

After your follow-up call, if you are happy to proceed, Meg will go away and create a proposal for you.

There is no obligation to sign up! 

Usually, clients prefer to do an Open Day to test our services.  

The Open Day runs for one month and gives you as well as us a chance to see how we work together before committing to more.

We are not just another marketing agency; we would become an extension of your practice/clinic and your partners in helping you achieve the growth you deserve.

Is this right for you?

Do one or more of the below apply to you and your practice/clinic?

Don’t have time to run and manage ad campaigns as well as stay on top of all the changes in advertising?

Do you run a Dental Practice, Aesthetics Clinic, Weight Loss Clinic or Hair Transplant Clinic?

Wasted valuable time and money with agencies that just don’t understand your industry?

Looking to generate income from private high-value treatments?

Want to do more of the treatments you enjoy?

Past marketing hasn’t worked as expected?

Don’t have a marketing team?

Want to maximise revenue?

Relying on word of mouth?

Then this is definitely right for you!

Results we've achieved for clinics we've worked with

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Frequently asked questions

On the first call, Meg will conduct a fact-checking session.

Not at all! It is for both you and our team to see if we could work together.

You won’t have to pay anything unless you decide to work with us!

Come prepared with any questions you and your team might have and with lots of information for us.

YES! We do not take on multiple practices/clinics in one area.  

The radius will depend on population density and how much patients are willing to travel on average to attend the treatments you offer. 

We will send you the proposal, and you can decide whether you are interested in working with us.

From the beginning, Ignite Growth set out to be a different kind of agency. One that you can rely on and think of as your trusted partner. We wanted to take the stress of advertising away so that you have time to focus on the treatments that you are best at and passionate about. We make sure that everything we do is through your lens. We operate at the highest level of integrity, and that is why we offer exclusivity in your area, 2 dedicated managers, and training for your team. We are driven by a value-first approach, and that is why we do not impose lengthy contracts. Get to know us, and you will discover a dynamic team ready to support you every step of the way.

What our happy customers have to say

Healthcare Marketing Success Stories

How Dr Grant McAree was able to achieve Invisalign Diamond Provider status and sell his dental practice for a seven-figure sum

• Sold practice for a 7-figure sum
• Doubled size of team and turnover
• Became a Diamond Invisalign Provider
• Conversion rate of up to 100% with virtual consultations

How Blossom Dental has reached its full lead generation potential with
bespoke marketing campaigns run by Ignite

• 36 new patients from Invisalign Open Day
• From 0 to 100 Invisalign cases in just 7 months
• New clinic opened after the success of campaigns

How Ivory Dental has reached new high-value private patients with a
marketing strategy specially crafted for them by Ignite Growth

• 3 new associates joined thanks to the growth
• Over £50,000 worth of treatment booked in one day
• 100% conversion rate on one of the composite bonding open days

The Hugely Successful Opening of Dental on the Banks

Find out how Ignite Growth has helped Dental on the Banks with the marketing for their new dental practice and making it a huge success.

Find out how personalised Dental Implant Marketing campaigns have helped Oxford House max out

• Most recent Open Day brought 34 new patients
• Open Days are run every 3 months due to success
• Majority of Invisalign cases come from only Open Days

What Black Swan Dental Spa has achieved with a personalised Invisalign Open Days Marketing plan from Ignite

Open days are an excellent way to bust Invisalign patient numbers. We work with our clients until we have crafted the best Invisalign open days marketing plan for their practice.