Gastric Balloon Case Study

Gastric Balloon Test Campaign

At Ignite we don’t do guesswork – it’s all about the data to ensure predictability.

Test Campaign Highlights

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It’s all about the data

At Ignite, we specialise in marketing for healthcare businesses. We have years of experience within the healthcare industry and use evidence-based and data-driven marketing campaigns to bring high-value patients into clinics. We don’t do guesswork – it’s all about the data to ensure predictability.

Our team are experts when it comes to setting up, carrying out and optimising campaigns. We are now using our expertise to expand into new, almost untapped niches where, with our campaigns, we can help clinics meet the demand that already exists. 

To show you, we set up a test campaign for the Gastric Balloon. Although the campaign wasn’t for a real clinic, the leads and interest we received from it were genuine and gave us a good insight into how a real campaign would perform. 

We knew the demand was there, we just had to create a campaign that would attract those interested in the treatment, and the results were even better than we expected! 

Keep reading to find out how we set up our campaign and how well it performed. 

Ignite Growth’s method

Throughout the years, we’ve perfected our method of getting clinics high-quality leads through successfully managed Open Day campaigns. These Open Days entice prospective patients to book a consultation with the clinic. Support and training for reception staff are provided to ensure they know how to follow up with leads to get them booked in efficiently. We understand what patients are looking for and how staff should communicate with them to get them the results they want. On average, more than 50% of those who attend consultations from our Open Days will book the treatment.

One of the key strategies we use is to make leads pre-book a time slot on the day and then for clinics to take a small deposit to confirm each consultation. This way, we filter out those just browsing from those that are actually serious about the treatment. Good quality leads will increase conversion rates, so we don’t want time wasters. 

With the right images, ad copy and a good offer, we can attract those potential patients that have the affordability for treatment. We always split test copy and content to find the winning combo.

We tapped into the minds of prospective patients, encouraging them to book a consultation through our ads – and the results were great! 

Here are two examples of the copy we found most effective for this campaign.    

Allurion Gastric Balloon Test Campaign​

We targeted both males and females for the campaigns and only used stock content as this was a test. 

When we run campaigns with clinics, we use personalised content. Images of clinics, staff and treatment, taken by the clinics themselves, perform much better than stock images as they are personable and don’t look too much like an “ad”. 

From this, we can assume that with a real campaign and using authentic photos, we can expect even better results!

Allurion Gastric Balloon Test Campaign​ results

Below are the results from the test campaign. These are two of the primary metrics we track to measure the success of our campaigns.

Click-through rate (CTR) – 2.08%

Link Click-through rate (Link CTR) – 0.71%

At Ignite, we aim for a CTR of 2.5% and a Link CTR of 0.5%. This is our benchmark based on data from the hundreds of campaigns we have run over the years. 

The high Link CTR compared to the CTR indicates high intent. This means that the quality of leads is better, and so they are more likely to sign up for treatment. This demonstrates that those seeing the ads are genuinely interested in the treatment. Again, we should note that we would expect even better results from a real campaign with a real clinic. 

Allurion Gastric Balloon Test Campaign interest

We cleared the calendar weekly to continuously see the interest the campaigns were generating. The calendar was almost filled twice, and in total, we received 51 leads. We were thrilled to see so much interest in this type of treatment. 

With 51 leads, that’s a cost per lead of £23.47. For an expensive treatment such as the gastric balloon, the CPL is nice and low, providing our clients with a great return on their investment! 

Having run over 300 Open Day campaigns, we can estimate that from the 51 leads, 14 would pay a deposit and attend the Open Day. Of these 14, around 6-7 are likely to go for treatment. 

For a treatment costing around £4,000, we can therefore expect to see earnings of about £24,000 – £28,000. This is from just one Open Day campaign! 

What’s more, almost filling up two Open Days demonstrates that this campaign could be repeated several times throughout the year as there is a huge demand for it. We usually run this type of campaign between two and four times per year for most of our clients due to the results.

As expected, the demand is there, ready to tap into! Our test campaign has provided us with the results to back this up, and we are excited to put it into practice! 

How is Ignite unique?


   From the beginning, Ignite Growth set out to be a different kind of agency. One that you can rely on and think of as your trusted partner. 

We want to take the stress of advertising away so that you have time to focus on what you are best at and passionate about. 

        We make sure that everything we do is through your lens. We operate at the highest level of integrity and that is why we offer exclusivity in your area, 2 dedicated managers, and training for your team. 

We are driven by a value-first approach and that is why we do not impose lengthy contracts. Get to know us and you will discover a dynamic team ready to support you every step of the way.  


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