Ignite Growth Video Series

Dental Lead Conversion 1:1
50% of Patients Will Buy From
the First Practice that Responds

In this video, Derek, CEO of Ignite Growth, explains the importance of responding to leads as soon as possible.
healthcare lead conversion

Did you know that 50% of patients will end up visiting and taking treatment from the first practice that responds to their enquiry? 

This is why it is vital to reply to leads as soon as possible.

Questions to ask yourself

If a patient enquires with several dentists for the same treatment, say Invisalign, the chances of them following through with you and your practice are much higher if you reply to them as soon as possible. 

Understandably, when this happens out of office hours, it can be hard to keep up with leads.

If, however, you are getting leads coming through during the working day, your priority should be to reply to them. The sooner, the better! 

Replying within the first few minutes of receiving the email or contact form can make all the difference. The odds of qualifying a patient by calling them within five minutes of their inquiry is 21 times higher versus calling them within 30 minutes.

Make sure your staff are trained to know how to deal with leads, and they understand the importance of responding quickly. This may mean they will have to prioritise this over current patients, so your front-of-house staff will have to find the right balance.