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Facebook and Instagram advertising can be a great source of new patients. But it takes know-how and insider expertise to get truly transformative results.

Sakshi Gautam is the practice manager for The Perfect Smile Clinic in York. Sakshi and her husband own multiple practices in different locations. She wanted to start marketing her practice in York, and she wanted to use Invisalign Campaigns to do this. 

The idea was to promote their Invisalign treatments to bring in more high-value patients. 

When Covid-19 hit, they started putting more effort into finding out how to reach new patients through Facebook and other social media platforms.


The challenge

Facebook and Instagram advertising can be a great source of new patients. But it takes know-how and insider expertise to get truly transformative results. 

Sakshi had completed a Facebook ads course, and she had tried doing ads on her own, but it never took off. Without the expertise, you can end up wasting a lot of money. 

This was the turning point for her as she realised she needed to bring in the professionals. 

The process

Ignite Growth took on board their desires and what they wanted to gain from this campaign. After discussing the plan and implementing it, all they had to do was wait and watch the leads come in.


The pair were cautiously optimistic about the campaign, and when it went live, things started to happen. Leads began flooding in. 

I found it really exhilarating.

My phone started pinging – ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping – it was literally like that for the whole weekend – ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!



From our Invisalign campaigns, the practice received so many new leads that the TCO was unable to keep up. They now have a nurse who does the scans because they don’t have any more time available with the dentist. 

It’s transformed our practice. Our staff have new career opportunities due to the sheer number of new patients Ignite is sending us.

The team at Perfect Smile Clinic getting ready for the Invisalign Marketing campaign

The transformation

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of healthcare businesses achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

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Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Sakshi talk about the success he has had with Facebook Advertising and how he increased his Invisalign cases.

Sakshi Gautam Perfect Smile Clinic Video Testimonial for Ignite Growth
Sakshi Gautam copy

Looking at what ignite has achieved, I would recommend Ignite to anyone still thinking or sitting on the fence.

Sakshi Gautam, Perfect Smile Clinic

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