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How Ignite helped generate over 60 new Invisalign patients a year for Associate Dentist Teodora Todorova

• Reached goal of +60 Invisalign cases per year
• Reached goal of only doing Invisalign treatments
• Every Open Day has been fully booked

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Teodora's story and goals

Teodora is an associate dentist that has been working in a practice in Bristol for over 15 years. She tried different specialities but decided general dentistry was what she wanted to focus on.

During the lockdown, her passion for learning led her to do online courses.

She had begun offering Invisalign treatments, and through these courses, she improved her skills to become a confident and capable Invisalign provider. She joined relevant webinars to help her develop her treatments but she needed an increase in new Invisalign patients.

Teodora wanted to put her skills to practice and show patients how she could transform their lives by transforming their smiles. Her goal was to increase the number of Invisalign cases to around 5 or 6 per month and have a total of about 60 per year.

This would allow her to do the treatments she wanted, while the extra income would permit her to continue learning and growing as a dentist through other courses.

Challenges faced as an associate dentist

Teodora knew she had the skills to complete the treatments; she just didn’t know how to get herself in front of prospective patients. 

During the lockdown, she had completed the odd marketing course to learn the basics. However, she understood that in order to market herself properly, she would need expert help.

“I’ve got basic knowledge, but I can’t do it myself.”

She feared that prospective patients would be reluctant to carry out Invisalign treatments with a dentist they aren’t familiar with. After hearing about Ignite Growth repeatedly through colleagues and webinars, she decided to get in touch.

Despite not owning her own practice, Ignite Growth formulated and provided Teodora with a plan to promote herself as an Invisalign provider.

Having had no previous marketing experience and not knowing where to start, Teodora had a few reservations. However, she had heard great things about Ignite and was excited to see how we lived up to her expectations.

“This is like an entirely new world for me. It demands a good knowledge to be able to monitor everything and tweak it here and there so this is not for me. At that point, I decided I need an agency.”

Ignite Growth’s Strategy

After the initial call Teodora felt confident she found the right agency to help her get the new Invisalign patients she wanted.

“I left the call with very good vibes…I’m not looking anywhere else.”

She instantly appreciated the Ignite community feel. At Ignite as we work together as a team, not only with each other but with our clients. Communication was important for her, and she was pleased with how we work as a marketing agency.

“There was always somebody to answer my call or email.” 

Ignite explained how the campaigns work and within a day, Teodora got back to us, ready to get started.

After completing the onboarding process, we set up her Invisalign Open Day Campaign which was closely monitored and optimised for maximum performance.

The campaign performed so well that she continued to work with Ignite on other Open Day Campaigns and even signed up for Monthly Social Campaigns to keep the momentum going. 

Results from the Invisalign Open Day Campaign

When the leads started coming in for the first Open Day Campaign, Teodora was thrilled.

“It happens like magic.”

The Open Day slots were booked up quickly. 

As an additional result, because the campaigns performed so well, the practice she is working for is expanding and introducing a TCO, which will help Teodora follow up with the leads that she can’t keep up with on her own!

After the success of the first Open Day, Teodora decided to stay on with Ignite for Monthly Campaigns as well as additional Open Day Campaigns and she is thrilled with the consistent results she has been getting.

Working with Ignite Growth

One of the key reasons Teodora continues to work with Ignite is the ethics of the company and the way we market.

We offer complete area exclusivity for the treatments she is advertising through us, which means she won’t be competing with any other practices or associate dentists in the area that are offering the same treatments, providing a sense of security.

When asked what she would say to those sitting on the fence about working with Ignite, her response was:

‘’Stop thinking, just jump and get Ignite on your side…this is coming from an associate dentist. ‘’

Results from working with Ignite Growth

The Ignite Growth team has helped hundreds of clinics and healthcare professionals achieve growth and we’d love to help you too. We know that running Facebook Advertising can be confusing, so let us show you how it works without the headache!

Book a call with our experts today and see what we can do for you. 

Don’t forget to watch the video below to hear Teodora talk about the success she has had with Facebook Advertising and how she increased her Invisalign cases.

teodora todorova ignite testimonial
Testimonial from Teodora after getting new Invisalign patients with Ignite Growth's help

“I don’t know what they do but they do it in a great way.

They just successfully find the right people for you.”

Teodora Todorova, Associate Dentist in Bristol

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